Tips for Visiting Curaçao

Tips for Visiting Curaçao. Beautiful landscape on the caribbean island, Curacao.

Beautiful landscape on the caribbean island, Curacao.

If you plan on taking a trip to Curacao, here are some helpful tips:

Choose your location based on the activities you prefer. If you like watersports such as surfing, diving and snorkeling, or if you are keen on riding aqua bikes, choose a hotel located on the north coast. The best spots for surfers are: Klein Curacao, St Joris, Playa Canoa, Playa Pistol and Playa Padiki. So we suggest that you choose your accommodation close to these areas.

In case you’re looking for a more restful spot, and you want to avoid windy weather and all the activity on the coast, plan to stay in the south of the island. The waters there are calm and the weather is nice for laying on the beach and sun tanning in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

If you like shopping, active nightlife, checking out cafes and restaurants, busy markets and want to always be in the center of urban life, choose the center of Curacao, its capital, Willemstad. It is a bright busy city with picturesque Dutch architecture, represented by dazzling houses painted in a range of glossy colors. The brand-name resorts of the island capital will provide you with a chance to have your holiday close to all the main attractions.

Tips for Visiting Curaçao. Sunset at the beach on the Caribbean island, Curacao.

Sunset at the beach on the Caribbean island, Curacao.

If you haven’t decided whether you want an active holiday on the coast or to be in the busy island center, you can choose something in between. For example, you can try Playa Lagun or Cas Abou. You will save time getting around the island if your residence is located close enough to most of the city attractions.

“Transportation in Curacao is all about taxis”

Transportation in Curacao is all about taxis, which are highly popular among foreigners. You can also rent a car, which can save you a lot of money. The average cost of a car for five days is around $120. You can book it online via booking tools on the Internet. Having a car is extremely helpful if you are planning on visiting the beaches, towns and villages outside Willemstad.

The city buses cost approximately $1 for one passenger, and the price is the same almost everywhere throughout the island. As a comparison, if you want to reach Mambo beach from Willemstad, it will cost you around $30.

And don’t forget to wear a lot of sunscreen! Curaçao is located near Venezuela, which means it’s closer to the Equator than most Caribbean islands. The sun is very strong, and this could be harmful to your skin – you could even get burned in 10 minutes! So don’t forget about protection for your skin in order to spend your holiday in comfort.


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