Top Reasons to Visit Havana

There is some inexplicable magic in Havana that you can hardly feel in any other city.  It is a place that sparks your imagination, gives you inspiration to learn more about Cuba’s capital and leaves you speechless with its inimitable beauty.  

Here are some reasons why Havana is so incredible and unforgettable:

Old cars:

Top Reasons to Visit Havana

Havana is very popular for the amazing colorful old American cars that you can find almost everywhere. No other city in the world can impress you with such a huge number of old vehicles. If you think that these cars are used as simply as trophies, you will be surprised to know that they are used by Cubans for their day-to-day means of transportation.  

Retro charm:

If you plan a trip to Havana, include a stop for ice cream at Coppelia in your list of must-see places. The charm of this spot is very special, as the retro ambiance makes you feel like you have traveled into the past. The ice-cream parlor chain was originally established in 1966, and it seems like it hasn’t changed since then.

Though the selection of flavors is not huge, the lines are long and the place is incredibly popular.


Top Reasons to Visit Havana. Coco taxi on the street of Havana. Cuba.

Coco taxi on the street of Havana. Cuba

There is another interesting specialty in Cuba that will surprise you: the coco-taxi. These little yellow rickshaw-type vehicles can be seen only in Havana and Varadero. They have three seats, with the driver in the front and two passengers behind. They’re called coco-taxis because they look like a coconut with a roof combed over the top of the vehicle. You should try to catch a ride in this hilarious taxi and enjoy the amazing Cuban atmosphere.

Havana Vieja

Top Reasons to Visit Havana. Old part of Havana,Cuba

Old part of Havana,Cuba

Stroll along Havana Vieja (Old Havana) and enjoy the picturesque architecture, bright colors and vivid ambiance of the winding streets. Walk around Havana Vieja in the late evening, when it is particularly beautiful. Central Havana is very different from Havana Vieja, which is most tourists’ favorite place in the city.  Take a walk along the main road called Prado, wide and long, with rich verdant trees along its spacious walkway. Take a picture near the National Capital Building and enjoy the stunning calm and pleasant vibe of Havana.

Revolution Museum

A creation of Cuban and Belgian architects, the Museum of the Revolution is one of the most important places to visit in Havana, and one of the most famous.  An incredible mixture of Spanish, French and German architectural styles, the Museum was originally built in 1920.

The building was the main house of the Cuban government for 40 years.  All the main political decisions which have had a great influence on the country’s destiny were made here. Each exhibit covers the rise of the Cuban nation to the present, including the history of Cuba, archeology, weapons, paintings and sculptures.

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