Tours to Russia by train, ship or coach

Tour by train,  ship or coach…
These journeys are designed to inspire the traveller.

Trans Siberian Express

train trip on vacation

You’ll travel through 8 time zones and cover 10,000 kilometres by luxury train, Golden Eagle. This 15-day journey starts in Moscow and ends on the western shores of the sea of Japan, in Vladivostok.

Includes:  Luxury accommodation in Moscow onboard the Golden Eagle private train; Flexible touring options in Moscow;Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ulan Ude, Vladivostok.

Tour Dates:  Moscow – Vladivostok Jul 30 – Aug 13; Aug 25 – Sep 8; Vladivostok- Moscow Aug11 – 25; Sep 6-20

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Ice Breaker Expedition to the North Pole

North expedition with flight

This 15-day voyage starts in Helsinki with a flight to Murmansk, Russia.  Travel through the Barents Sea aboard powered icebreaker 50 Years of Victory. Fly by helicopter to the North Polefrom the ship, and stop at the islands and archipelagos Frans Josef Land and Spitsbergen.

Tour Dates: July 19- Aug 2 ; Jul y 31 – Aug 14

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Classic Russia

discover world-famous cities on your vacation

Discover Moscow and St. Petersburg—Russia’s most vibrant cities. On this 8 day tour you’llbe mesmerized by the cathedrals, museums, palaces and rich cultural history of these world-famous cities.

Tour Dates: July 27 – Aug 3; Sep 14 – 21

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