Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

Regardless of what country you’re in, breakfast is the main source of energy for the day’s activities. That is why it is so important all over the world. National traditions and customs of every country have a significant influence on its cuisine, and breakfast is no exception. Knowing the essential breakfast traditions of a country can show you its culture, mentality and tells a lot about the people living there.

The German breakfast

Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

Called Frühstück by locals, German breakfast is a multicomponent affair. In the morning Germans like to have a plate of snacks, such as cheese and sausages, several types of bread and pastries, jams, fruit and juice. While breakfast in Germany is similar to the average European continental breakfast, the German menu offers more variety. For example, cold meat, including their well-known sausages, is served laid out with several types of bread. Toast is accompanied with jam, fruit jelly or honey. Soft-boiled eggs, porridges and fruit are not obligatory, but make an important addition to the big German breakfast.

The French breakfast

Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

France is the country of gourmets. It is the world’s fashion capital, and is considered to have the finest cuisine as well. Some cafes and restaurants in France are as famous as their museums and architectural monuments. Small French bakeries and little street shops are part of the culture, and you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the products they offer when you come to France. French culture is all about food.

That is why a traditional French breakfast is one of the most popular in the world. Everyone loves orange juice followed by croissants and coffee in the morning. Add fruit or berry jam, a fresh-baked baguette, and butter, and your breakfast will be 100% French.

To understand the food culture of France, it is necessary to explore every region separately. The climate and geography has a great influence on the cultural mosaic in each corner of the country and each part has maintained its own traditions. So mushrooms, creamy cheeses, green beans, honey, mustard, potatoes and pork dishes are popular in the north of the country. And sweet and marinated meat in white wine, sausages, garlic, offal stewed or baked in an oven with onions and vinegar and potato puddings are traditional foods in the east. Oysters, beef ragout, fish with garlic sauce, cods and anchovies, and caramel cream are considered traditional in the south. Desserts, fish and other seafood, vegetables, fruit, confitures — a West prerogative

The Swiss breakfast

Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

Swiss cuisine reflects the culture of the population and the country’s strong tradition of farming. Switzerland introduced muesli to the world, as well as famous cheeses, including fondue and raclette.

Traditionally, breakfast in Switzerland includes fresh bread or pastries which are eaten with butter or margarine, sweetened with honey or fruit jelly. In a cafe or hotel, you can also be offered a croissant — plain or with a filling. Bakery products are often served with cheese. Traditional Swiss cheese from cow’s milk received the status of AOS in 2006. Cheese is quite often prepared in huge blocks weighing more than 100 kg, and well-known cheese “holes” sometimes reach the size of a tennis ball.

The Swedish breakfast

Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

The Swedish morning breakfast tradition combines two big loves of Swedes: coffee and pastries. Swedes are the main coffee-lovers of Europe. You can find a staggering amount of coffee houses in the capital and in the biggest Swedish cities. Along with the constant coffee service, Swedish coffee shops also sell the most fragrant pastries: airy bread, dense buns, gentle, spicy, with cloves or fragrant cardamom, flavored with sugar and berries. Breakfasts in Sweden follow the rule: food before work. However, children’s breakfasts do not differ strongly from the European continental breakfasts. Adults prefer to eat omelets, toast, porridge with berries, juice, coffee, dried fruits, honey, jam, and butter.

The British breakfast

Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World

The traditional English breakfast is a dream for any meat eater: fried bacon or sausage, tomatoes, green beans, eggs, toast with jam and a large amount of tea with cream. After such a feast it is easier to leave during a rainy morning for work. However, the high amount of cholesterol in an English breakfast is criticized, even in England.

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