Awesome Travel Gadgets to Make Your Travel Easier

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase



If you’re an experienced traveler, you probably know how challenging it can be to lose your luggage while traveling. You might spend half your vacation waiting for the suitcase to be found in some distant airport, and it will take a lot of time and effort to get it back. But not with the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase. It has built-in GPS, so you can know its exact location and not spend a lot of time trying to find it.

Other great news – the Bluesmart Suitcase may be easily guided by a mobile app, which gives you a lot of possibilities for using it. Moreover, you no longer have to search for a place to charge your low battery. This Smart Suitcase has a built-in power bank that will charge your phone up to six times.

Also, the Bluesmart case contains a built-in scale to make sure you don’t pack too much and get held up at the airport, plus a special digital lock that will keep your belongings safe.

This suitcase is perfect not only for an ordinary traveler, but also for business passengers as it has a special slot that’s ideal for your laptop.

ResQBattery Smartphone Jumpstarter



For anytime, anywhere extra charge, ResQBattery Smartphone Jumpstarter is an ideal choice. Made in a pack of two, this device attaches to the bottom of your device for constant recharge. The ResQBattery has a special connector, located on the very top. All you need to do is to put the connector into your device, and your smartphone will begin to top up quickly.

A note for business travelers: ResQBattery gives you a unique opportunity to continue your phone conversations for up to 5 hours.  It is made with a micro USB connector. Its size is an incontestable advantage, as ResQBattery is extremely compact. You may easily fit it in your pocket or pack for emergency charging. On the back is an on/off switch as well as an LED status indicator showing the amount of energy left.

Wireless Charger for GoPro by MOTA



Go Pro Camera is extremely popular among both experienced and novice travelers. If your trip lasts longer than you had planned, or you just need a way to charge it while hiking, backpacking, or simply being somewhere in nature. With this Wireless Charger made by MOTA, you can enjoy your camera for a longer period without being afraid to lose some perfect moments. In case you’re using accessories such as the GoPro’s LCD Touch BacPac+AD7 and Wi-Fi for a longer span of time, your shots will also stay uninterrupted. The charger is compact, and it’s very useful for travelers. It will easily fit in your pocket and will surely be a perfect accessory for any GoPro user. When you can charge your GoPro camera wirelessly, your GoPro experience is going to be more enjoyable and entertaining. Now you can put aside all your worries about losing your camera charge on the go.

3DR Solo Smart Drone –Professional Aerial Photos and Video



Solo’s video game-style controller is simple to use and very stylish. It gives you incredible emotions, great entertainment, and big opportunities to experiment with videos. Pushbutton commands put both camera and copter at your fingertips. You can easily control the drone, making it take off, land, or hover in flight.

You may also take a photo, by clicking to start and stop recording or snap a photo, even change camera angles while you fly. Enjoy a high-quality HDMI port directly from the controller, and its advantage in being able to connect to any screen you can think of. By working directly with GoPro, we’ve made Solo the first drone to offer full control of your HERO3+® or HERO4® camera. The new 3-axis gimbal delivers HD video streams to your mobile device, offers in-flight recording control, and access to GoPro settings with the possibility to power your GoPro.

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