The Best European Hotels in 2017

When you plan your future vacation, you might have in mind the beautiful sights of the Old Continent, along with delicious food and amazing cultural heritage. However, one of the most important aspects of a perfect vacation is choosing the right accommodation. You’ll need to get some rest in between long exciting tours and strolls across European cities and towns. This list of the most luxurious hotels in Europe will be useful for those travelers who are planning their trip to Europe and who are searching for the perfect accommodation for their holidays.

Ritz Paris Hotel

Paris, France

The Best European Hotels in 2017. Hotel Ritz, Paris, France

Hotel Ritz, Paris, France

The Ritz Paris embodies the same level of delightful elegance and incomparable luxury as it has since the time of its grand opening in 1898. The location of the hotel adds even more elegance to the luxury hotel style: situated near the Louvre and the garden Tuileries, Ritz Paris is an impeccable example of Parisian style and hospitality. The cost for many rooms starts around $1,000 per night.

Mandarin Oriental Prague Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

The Best European Hotels in 2017

The Mandarin Oriental Prague is situated on the bank of the Vltava River, so the guests of the hotel rooms can enjoy wonderful views of the most historical parts of the city. By all means indulge yourself with a visit to the spa — the only one in the world which is located in a former Renaissance chapel.

Rooms are from 350 dollars a day.

St. Regis Florence
Florence, Italy

The Best European Hotels in 2017


This hotel is located only a few steps away from the main city sights. Its special elegance and wonderful interior design go back to the Renaissance era. If you plan to stay at the St. Regis in Florence, we suggest you visit their wine cellar, which was a cave during the Middle Ages.

The cost of a room is from 436 dollars a day.

Four Seasons Milano

Milano, Italy

The Best European Hotels in 2017


The Four Seasons Milano hotel is built in a decadent style and represents a restored monastery from the 15th century. Located directly on the prestigious Via Dzhez Street, it sits next to some of the best shops in the world.

The cost is around $700 per night.

Parador Santiago de Compostela

Coruña, Spain

The Best European Hotels in 2017

Your stay in Parador Santiago de Compostela will be a wonderful cultural experience. Being one of the oldest hotels in the world, Parador has a mix of rich history and modern luxury.

The cost is around 200 dollars per day.

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