The Best Surfing Spots in the USA

As surfing has grown in popularity, the amount of spots where you can enjoy this exciting sport has grown. Ranking as one of the most popular surfing countries in the world, the USA has a lot of spots for its visitors to explore. From secluded white-sand beaches to more crowded and busy areas, the US has it all to make your surfing vacation unforgettable. And the season for breaking out your waxed boards is upon us. Surfing, an iconic American sport, boasts a like-minded community in coastal towns across the country.

Thanks to the fact that surfing can’t be enjoyed just anywhere, certain towns are better known than others for their surfing culture and amazing spots for both beginners and professionals. We’ve made a list of charming, slower-paced spots and mainstream destinations spanning from Florida and California to Hawaii. And many of these surfing spots come with amazing beach grub, lively nightlife events, and accommodations with amazing views. Here are our favorite surfing spots in the U.S.

The Best Surfing Spots in the USA


The best surfing spot in Hawaii, the North Shore is located on the island of Oahu. It is situated close to the famous Waikiki Beach, only about a 45 minute walk. It is also home to several surfing contests, and you can catch great waves here. Moreover, many world famous surfers have been here. You can enjoy perfect reefs and sandbars that form lovely warm-water breaks for captivating swells. The North Shore is such a suitable town for surfing that it has developed a whole culture.

Along with riding the waves you can also visit the Surfer, a bar where surfers, tourists and locals usually gather to have a drink. In addition, there are other numerous options where you can relax and enjoy your holiday: from clubs and bars to smaller cafes and restaurants with beautiful ocean views. Check into the chic Turtle Bay Resort, which sprawls 880 acres.

The Best Surfing Spots in the USA


Santa Cruz has the unofficial name of “Surf City”, as it is one of the favorite places of many surfers in the USA. If you are only a beginner in this sport, you might want to check out Pleasure Point to try out some calmer waves. If you’re more experienced, try the marvelous surfing at Cowell’s Beach.  You can also try the world famous Steamer Lane which can offer you some of the best waves on the coast (but you will be able to catch them only if you are an experienced surfer).

But if you don’t feel confident enough to test out high waves, choose the more relaxed Capitola Beach, which is a perfect spot for beginners and intermediate level surfers. If you get hungry, we would suggest Crow’s Nest, which is a perfect place for seafood lovers. The charming, renovated 10 rooms of the West Cliff Inn provide a comfortable place to relax and have a wonderful time while visiting.

The Best Surfing Spots in the USA


Cape Hatteras is a wonderful place which extends for 14 miles, giving tourists full access not only to beautiful ocean views and surfing activities, but also to numerous bars and clubs located along the coast of North Carolina. You can experience unforgettable rideable hollow waves. The waves are not always strong and high, giving an opportunity for those who are just beginners or who are not experienced enough for more serious surfing.

The Best Surfing Spots in the USA


A doubtless icon of surfing, Malibu is located near Hollywood, and its location has helped shape the popularity of this sport in the area. It made a serious contribution in popularizing surfing in the USA. Nowadays, Malibu is one of the most popular and luxurious spots to try out surfing in the US. With an excellent reputation and world-class instructors, this area has everything to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.  Famous for its recognizable and high-class surf retreats, Malibu is a place for those who value comfort, amazing views and impeccable service.

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