Best Ways to Take the Best Travel Selfies Alone

If you are traveling alone, or you have your significant other with you, or even some friends, you will definitely take selfies along your way.

As a selfie is basically a photo of you taken by you, you will probably try to catch some interesting landscape or memorable surroundings in the background.

Selfies can be good or bad – or really good; if you follow the rules below – they should definitely be wonderful!

  1. The first rule – take a lot of shots! You will need time, of course, to take a significant number of selfies in one location, but here is the rule: the more selfies you take, the richer the choices will be. Even if you are taking shots with pretty much the same background, we suggest you vary the angles and lighting of the pictures.
  2. Regarding light, consider one simple rule: lighting is everything! Any photographer will tell you that, and it is one of the most important rules of taking a selfie.

3. Smile sincerely – even if you have to pretend that you really mean it. Smiling suits everyone; if you are planning to use your selfie not only for your private gallery but also to share it       with the world on social media, or just your own website, following this rule is a must!

4. Use the right filters; Instagram can offer you plenty of them. Think about those that will be best for your photo. They can really change your face and the photo itself.


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