Exciting Cave Nightclub in Trinidad, Cuba

You may have heard of the wonderful city of Trinidad in central Cuba. It is known for its colonial history and old cobblestone streets.

Exciting Cave Nightclub in Trinidad. Ayala nightclub. Trinidad

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Among the city’s major attractions are the Museo Romántico, Palacio Brunet mansion, Museo de Arquitectura Colonial, and Palacio de Cantero. But there is one spot that differs from anything else you can experience in this tremendous location.

We are talking about Disco Ayala, a very special party scene. Have you ever listened to DJ sets in the underground?

Maybe so, but have you ever done that in a natural cave – especially one that was once home to an infamous serial killer?!

Even if you are an experienced traveler and have visited numerous eccentric clubs and bars, this place will surprise you. The proprietors say the cave was inhabited by criminals long before the idea of making it into an entertainment venue crossed their minds.

Exciting Cave Nightclub in Trinidad. Ayala nightclub. Trinidad

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The club was named for Carlos ‘Coco’ Ayala – a notorious villain in Cuban culture who kidnaped children, took them to the cave, and eventually murdered them

People say that during the War of Independence he brought many minors to the den and subjected them to various acts of cruelty. According to legend, Ayala continued his atrocities until locals finally captured and decapitated him. For many years afterward, Cuban mothers would warn their children against talking to strangers by saying: “Be good or Carlos Ayala will come looking!”

Today the place is not as scary since it has been turned into a popular modern nightclub – a favorite among Trinidad residents and visitors alike.

Exciting Cave Nightclub in Trinidad

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To enter the club you walk down a dusty street leading to the cave’s entrance. After descending two flights of stairs and passing through a tunnel, you emerge into an amazing disco center. A large dance floor is set up in the middle of the cavern, and the flashing lights circling the entire area create a spectacular ambiance.

With loud Latin music and professional performers, the Disco Ayala is a place you should definitely check out while touring Cuba.

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