Where To Go In June: Finding Summer Travel Ideas Around The Globe



This country takes the lead in our rating of the best June holiday destinations. Conditions are ideal in July and August – and almost so for the month of June. The sea warms in May to a stable 23-25 °C, and the air is pleasant and warm at 26-30 degrees. The best choice to come here would be in the first half of June as temperatures begin to creep steadily up in July, and it becomes hot and stuffy. If you are good with a temperature of 33°C in the shade, then all of June is yours.


  • The sea is warm even at the beginning of the month
  • White-sand beaches
  • Many amenities and facilities for children
  • High standard of hotel services
  • Beaches and tourist spots are not overly crowded this month


Islands of Greece


Greece experts say that this destination is in great demand among Canadian tourists in 2017. In June there is already absolutely calm flying to the Greek islands (Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Braids). Their shores in summer are warm (23-28 °C), the probability of rain is almost null, and water temperatures approach 23 degrees by the middle of month.


  • Consistent superb weather conditions;
  • Perfect beaches and ideal conditions for sunbathing and swimming;
  • European charm and beautiful scenery;
  • Suitable for family vacation;
  • Excellent ethnic cuisine; to go to “the Cyprian frying pan” in July-August



If you have small children (under 2 years old), then it is worth paying attention to Bulgarian resorts, which are wonderful for those who prefer golden beaches and sun-soaked coasts. The weather is often very warm and sunny, so you will be able to spend most of your time on the beach and grounds of the hotel. Hotel service in Bulgaria is excellent, corresponding to the best European traditions.


  • Wide choice of resorts
  • Wide range of tours
  • Sparkling beaches
  • Mild warm climate
  • Developed tourist infrastructure
  • Excellent conditions for vacation with children
  • High price/quality ratio




Iceland is a gorgeous place to visit in June 2017. Few places offer travelers so many wonderful attractions as immense waterfalls, beautiful natural geysers, magnificent volcanoes and incomparable glaciers. June is a great time to take it all in during an excursion of Iceland. Travel the countryside with Golden Circle Tour, visiting Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall. Those who love nightlife can enjoy amazing places in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.


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