The Most Incredible Recently-Opened Hotels

There are always new hotels opening their doors to guests around the world. In order to attract clients, new hotels have to come up with exceptional ideas in order to keep up with the competition. Some try to attract guests with unique designs, others make attempts to provide more personalized services, and still others try to impress by sheer size. tells about the most surprising hotels which have accepted their first guests in the past several months.

The Quadrum hotel (Georgia)


The Quadrum hotel in Georgia was made from cargo containers, and is located in the Top Gudauri, at a well-known ski resort. Construction was finished at the beginning of March 2017. The hotel offers its tourists single and family rooms, and also luxury suites. Guests can enjoy the pool and sauna.

The Book and Bed Tokyo-Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)



In the book hostel The Book and Bed Tokyo-Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan) rooms are equipped with book shelves. Different shelves include space for electrical sockets and a lamp, and also a curtain that can close you off from people around you and provide privacy. The hotel is made for bookworms who are searching for quiet and a place of solitude where they can enjoy their favorite books in a very special atmosphere. Moreover, visitors here can find like-minded people and share thoughts about books they have read.

Lifeguard Tower pop up hotel (Tel Aviv)


A lifeguard tower located on the beach became a pop-up hotel suite, where lucky guests could spend a whole evening on the water thanks to this creative concept hotel. It was originally designed by Rafael Edger, and the interior was created by Aline Langlieb with exterior graffiti by Edgar Rafael. The hotel opened its doors to guests from March 15 to March 25. They held a competition, in which winners were welcomed inside – then the hotel was demolished. The tower was equipped with a two-story suite with a jacuzzi, room service and a butler. Breakfast was also included in the package.

Walled Off Hotel (Palestine)

Banksy, a well- known street artist, has opened the Walled Off Hotel near the Israeli Separation Barrier  in Bethlehem for his latest project in Palestine. All the windows of the hotel rooms look out on a wall that passes across the occupied river bank of Jordan. Banksy estimates that “this view opened from the hotel window is the worst in the world”. Banksy was not present at the opening ceremony, but dozens of his works decorate the hotel walls. A press secretary proclaimed that it is the biggest collection of new works of Banksy created in recent years. There is a gallery in the hotel, which sells Palestinian art, and a museum reflecting on the history of the region and intervention by other countries. The interior of seven rooms were developed by Banksy himself, while the others were designed by Canadian and Palestinian artists. Walled Off Hotel is the largest project of Banksy after Dismaland in Calais.

The 7th Room (Sweden)

The 7th Room Hotel, constructed in the pine woods of Sweden, is a spectacular retreat in the middle of unspoiled nature. The building is reminiscent of a traditional Scandinavian house and stands on 12 columns at a height of 10 meters, covered by trees.

There is a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom in the hotel. The total area of the hotel is 55 square meters. Hovering 10 meters above the ground, The 7th Room offers a breathtaking view of the Lapland treetops and the Lule River.

Hurawalhi (Island Resort Maldives)



Magnificent hotels are opened rather frequently on Maldives. But only the five-star Hurawalhi Island Resort on the atoll Laviani can brag of having a diving restaurant located at a depth of nearly six meters underwater. Little tables are set up in a transparent tunnel, where the best seafood in the area is served. You can enjoy beautiful underwater views while dining here. The experience of eating a meal here is incomparable to anywhere else. So, if you plan to visit Maldives, include this hotel on your must-see list.

Published: 29/03/2017

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