How to Travel Properly This Winter

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Winter is a great time for a perfect vacation. There is something in the air that makes everybody dreams of going abroad for a trip. However, there could be multiple problems during a trip. If your perfect vacation plans are in doubt because of them, there are still some actions you can take to make sure you get where you need to go and get there on time. YYZ Travel Advisors know like no other what troubles can occur during your trip. And we share some advice how to deal with them in a best way. These steps are perfect for those who have already booked a trip or is worried about future travels.

How to Handle Winter Weather Delays

Even the most perfect and well-organized trips can go wrong just because of the flight delay or cancellation. We know what to do in the following situations.
Firstly, let us explain you the current legislation rules applying in the situation when your flight was delayed or cancelled.

How to Travel Properly This Winter

You should be aware of the fact that Canadian airlines and travel companies are not required to compensate you if your flight is delayed. However, the major carriers do compensate passengers for delays. Their policies are available on the websites, in the airline’s “Contract of Carriage”.
With the situation when you were unfairly treated, there is the Canadian Transportation Agency that can help you. But that is possible after you addressed the airline.

In the case of your flight delay you can count on:

– a meal voucher from WestJet (for delay of more than three hours); a meal and a hotel voucher from WestJet (for delay of more than eight hours, if you’re not in the home city

– change of an outbound flight of Air Canada to another date within the next week, for free
(delay for more than 2 hours)

– a meal voucher from Air Canada if a flight is not caused by weather (for delay of more than four hours)

– a meal vouchers, airport transfers and accommodation (hotel contacts) from Air Canada (for delay of more than eight hours)

– a drink and a meal or snack from Sunwing (for delay of more than six hours)

– a $75 travel voucher for future Sunwing flights or certain excursions of the company offers.
(for delay of more than six hours)

How to Travel Properly This Winter. Female traveller checking flight departures board.

How to Handle Weather Delays:

Call abroad

In order not to wait on hold for hours, we suggest you to call one of the airline’s international service numbers. All the numbers are available on official websites of the companies.
Don’t forget that you can use a Skype app for your call, because the fees and prioritize English-speaking countries.

Enter the club

 Club agents in airport lounges are empowered to help customers with flight plans and changes and can often go above and beyond the average customer-service rep. So if you’re already at the airport, get yourself into the lounge—even if that means paying for a day pass. Don’t expect miracles; do expect some support, plus a civilized environment with free drinks.

Know your rights

It’s important to know exactly what compensation you are allowed to receive in an exact situation. Don’t forget that some credit cards, and especially ones with a travel reward program, offer robust flight delay and cancellation protections when you use them to pay for a ticket.
Book direct flights. Remember, that very connection is another chance at a delay or missed flight.
Choose bigger airlines. Make a choice of the airline that has the most extensive route network in a definite region—it will give you more rebooking options in the case of some unexpected troubles.

Beware change and cancellation fees

Changing your ticket is an easy way to get ahead of a winter storm, but it can come with a big price tag. Here are two ways to avoid those fees—without buying expensive refundable tickets: One is via your loyalty program: Having elite status could help waive same-day change and standby fees. If that’s not in the cards, try booking with Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t charge for changes that are made at least 10 minutes prior to your flight.

Know your (flight) status

You can always check it on-line or just download a special app for your device. There is a large number of them offering real-time data on delays and cancellations.

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Enchanting Taiwan

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Taiwan is an island nation geographically situated to the southwest of Okinawa, Japan and north of the Philippines. Taiwan is governed by the Republic of China since 1945.

Enchanting Taiwan

Useful information:

Area: 36,000 square kilometers
Population: 23 million
Language: Mandarin / Taiwanese / Hakka / Indigenous Languages
Religion: Buddhism / Taoism / Christianity / Islam
President: MS. Tsai Ing-wen

Enchanting Taiwan. Jiufen, Taiwan


Founded in 1912, the Republic of China (Taiwan) was the first democratic republic in Asia.
But before that, the territory of Taiwan was inhabited by Austronesian people. Later, since the 17th century, Taiwan was a home to Han immigrants. Since 1895, Taiwan was governed by Japan for about 50 years, and only after World War II Taiwan came under Chinese Nationalist control.
In 1949, the government moved to Taiwan and maintained jurisdiction over an area of the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Dongsha, Zhongsha, and Nansha.

Enchanting Taiwan


With its rough shape, the island nation has a population of more than 23 million people, which makes it one of the most populated places in the world. Taiwan is a very famous tourist attraction known for sharp mountains and dense forests. ROC also obtains de facto control over the tiny Pescadores (Penghu), Quemoy (Kinmen/Jinmen), and Matsu.

Taiwan has some incredible views and magnificent sites and its capital, Taipei, is a rich culture and entertainment hub. Taiwanese cuisine has a lot in common with Japanese, and it represents typical Asian cuisine. With the multiple tourists coming here every year, Taiwan has increasing numbers of mainland Chinese visiting. Moreover, Taiwan is one the most favorite destination for Hong Kong residents.

Enchanting Taiwan. Liuhe Night Market,Kaohsiung,Taiwan, May, 4th, 2013 : Liuhe Night Market with a crow of people


Taiwan has a thriving capitalist economy with gradually diminished government guidance on investment and foreign trade. Exports, led by electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals have provided the primary impulse for economic elaboration. This high exports dependence exposes the economy to fluctuations in world demand. Taiwan’s diplomatic isolation, low birth rate, and rapidly aging population are other major long-term challenges.

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River Cruising

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Discover the perks of river cruising with Crystal River Cruises. 


Explore the captivating capitals and iconic landscapes of Europe’s legendary waterways with Crystal River Cruises™. Enjoy all-inclusive amenities and take advantage of personal butler service. Explore the unparalleled sights along the Danube and Rhine rivers with Crystal’s expert guides.

Available Cruises:

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Island of St Martin. One of the Top Destinations in the Caribbean

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St Martin is an island in the northeast Caribbean.

It covers 88-square-kilometre (34 sq mi) surface and geographically is divided between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands (34 km2, 13 sq mi). It is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribean Sea. St Martin is very low-populated island, which is separated between two nations according to its territorial division. The separation dates back to 1648. The southern Dutch part consists of Sint Maarten and is one of four constituent countries composing the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The French part, which is located in the North, includes the Collectivité de Saint-Martin (Collectivity of St Martin) and is an overseas collectivity of France.

Island of St Martin. One of the Top Destinations in the Caribbean.. Glorious beach at Anse Marcel on St Martin

The island of St Martin is not only a gorgeous tourist destination and a perfect paradise for everyone who is searching for the beach rest. Is has a lot of natural, cultural and human riches. It is a perfect itinerary for the newly married couples, families, couples and independent travelers. Everyone can find a perfect destination, as St Martin offers multiple activities, resorts, and watersports.

St Martin is very low-populated island

Upon your arriving at the island, you can experience numerous entertainments for successful vacation: unforgettable cruises, all kind of car rental service, exciting boat trips, busy and bright nightlife amusements with lots of open-air bars and clubs, impressive and captivating snorkeling, spectacular scuba diving, relaxing fitness and SPA procedures, significant number of fitness activities, best restaurants, and cafes and many more.

There are a number of famous leading cultural artists in the St-Martin island: Youth Waves, music band; Isidore “Mighty Dow” York, Roland Richardson, Impressionist painter; Ruby Bute, painter; Nicole de Weever, dancer and Broadway star; Lasana M. Sekou, poet, author, independence advocate; Clara Reyes, choreographer; and Tanny and The Boys, music group.

Island of St Martin. One of the Top Destinations in the Caribbean. Cupecoy Beach on St Martin Caribbean

Remember, that the island has a tropical monsoon climate which means that a dry season starts in January and finishes in April, while a rainy season goes from August to December.
There are several variants of the island name spelling: St-Martin / St Maarten, and sometimes SXM.

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China’s Top Attractions

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1. The Great Wall of China

One of the most amazing sights in the World, the Great Wall of China is famous all over the World. The Great Wall is a national icon of China. It is a true symbol not only of the Chinese culture heritage, but it is also an object of national pride, determined resistance, grand architecture, and creativity.

China's Top Attractions. Great Wall

In the period of the Great Wall construction, multiple myths and legends were created. The wall spreads from China’s western frontier to the east coast, totaling around 5,000 km (3,100 miles). However, it’s best-preserved sections are located close to Beijing. So this is what people usually mean when mentioning the Great Wall of China.
Among the most famous are: Meng Jiang Nü weeping over the Great Wall, a sad but romantic love story set in the Qin Dynasty.

Being the longest wall in the World, the sight attracts by many scientists, archaeologists, filmmakers. From the top of the Great Wall, you can see a fantastic view of the rugged country and steep mountains.
For many people, if you haven’t climbed the Great Wall, you haven’t been to China.

2. Kunming

Kunming is the up-to-date capital city that is also an economic, cultural, transportation and industrial center of the southwestern part of China, mainly of the Yunnan province. It is connected by rail with all of China’s major cities. Its mild year-round climate makes it highly attractive for numerous tourists and a good place to visit for any tourists.

China's Top Attractions. Ancient Chinese Architecture

Due to the mild climate, flower-growing is a major industry; you can visit flower exhibitions and huge botanical garden. Kunming is one of the most modern capital cities of China, and it has a large student population and a temperate year-round climate. You should visit the amazing islands of Cui Hu (Green Lake), a park designed in the 17th century. Nearby is Yuantong Si.

3. Pudong Skyline

Pudong is a Shanghai district on the eastern side of the Huangpu River. It is a large district that is famous for its thriving economy. It is considered to be China’s financial and commercial hub. Literally, Pudong means “East of Huangpu”, which is a perfect description of the city’s location.

China's Top Attractions. Shanghai

It is surrounded by the East China Sea to the East and the Huangpu River in the west. A skyline of gleaming skyscrapers rises out of what was farmland only 20 years ago. Skyscrapers include the symbolic Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Jin Mao Building and the Shanghai Tower, which construction was finished in 2014.

4. Mount Huang

Mount Huang represents a mountain range in eastern China widely known as Huangshan (“Yellow Mountain”). If you visit this beautiful area, you will enjoy granite peaks clothed in uniquely shaped pine trees, which form an unique landscape of great interest to all visitors.

 China's Top Attractions

Mount Huang is famous for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shaped granite peaks and beautiful views. The peaks of the mountain have very unusual names, such as 18 Arhats Worshipping the South Sea, Lotus Flower Peak, Celestial Capital and Paint Brush. In ancient times almost 60,000 stone steps were carved into the side of the mountain range.

5. Forbidden City

It was built at the beginning of 15th century, Built in the early 15th century. It was a home for emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasties until Puyi, the last Emperor of China abdicated in 1912.

China's Top Attractions

It is a world’s largest palatial complex. According to the legend, it has 980 buildings with 9,999 rooms, but the actual number is about a thousand lower. It has become the most visited tourist attraction Beijing city, and the most popular one.

To Visit China, For More Information,
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Cruise Passenger Trends in 2017

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Recently the Cruise Lines International Association has proclaimed that over 25.3 million people will set off for a cruise trip in 2017.
These numbers stand for 4.5 percent augment from 2016. Originally, the forecast of the year 2016 foreboded 24.2 million travelers to take a cruise. Meanwhile, CLIA gave a prospect of 24 million for this year.
The forecast for 2017 appeared on Thursday and it has a strong correlation between yearly capacity increases and passenger increases.

Cruise Passenger Trends in 2017

It is expected that in 2017 the China direction will be highly popular among all kinds of travelers, including cruise fans. It was estimated that over 26 new ocean, river, and specialty ships will be deployed year-round in China. Moreover, the Caribbean Islands also remain at the top of passengers’ interests. Several cruise lines admitted their willingness to take Cuba destination for the first time in the new year. That fact determines a high level of accretion of the fresh excitement for Caribbean itineraries in all.

“The cruise industry is responding to global demand and we are highly encouraged by both the short-term and long-term outlook,” announced Cindy D’Aoust, CLIA’s president and CEO. “From technological advancements and deployment of new ships to new ports and destinations around the world, the industry continues to respond to desires of today’s travelers resulting in steady growth and strong economic impact around the world.”

Cruise Passenger Trends in 2017

North America President of privately owned MSC Cruises, Roberto Fusaro also admitted the fact that the Caribbean, with today’s 34 percent of activity, will be the most visited cruise destination in 2017.

“Outside of the Caribbean however, there is a growing interest in Northern Europe and the Emirates region as new cities and destinations rise in popularity and become available to cruisers.”

Except old popular and beloved-of-all destinations, multiple cruise lines open new exciting itineraries for their passengers.
For example, Carnival Cruise Line opened new locations to watch in 2017.
“Amber Cove, Dominican Republic is a newly opened cruise port that is a gateway to the beautiful northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Until its opening, cruise ships had not called on this lush northern coast in decades,” the company said to CNBC via email.

Cruise Passenger Trends in 2017. Friends enjoying cruise ship

“Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands is a world-renowned snorkeling, scuba diving, watersports and beach-laden jewel. There is only one cruise ship dock in all of the Turks & Caicos and this small island continues to be one of the most popular ports on our itineraries since the facility opened a handful of years ago,” the company said.

On the threshold of the New Year largest trends for 2017, the CLIA underlines a rising interest from millennials and generation X travelers expanding volume of request for the travel agents’ services and high demand for river cruises. Recent survey conducted by the CLIA showed results which claims that for the younger generation rates cruise travel as better than land-based vacations, all-inclusive resorts, tours, vacation house rentals, or camping.

One of the strongest trends marked by MSC Cruises’ Fusaro is the for the culinary tours and local cuisine tasting at the ports travelers visit

Cruise Passenger Trends in 2017. Famous dutch cruise ship Prinsendam in Bordeaux, France

“More so than ever food is playing a role in tourism and travel experiences worldwide. As food plays a unique role within every culture, travelers are looking for experiences that expose them to exciting culinary offerings and connect them to local culture. We anticipate this continuing to drive consumer travels in 2017,” he explained.
Moreover, Carnival Cruise Lines estimated that one of the popular trends will also remain the wedding vacations and those that could be enjoyed with loved ones.
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Special Offer! Fairmont Pacific Rim

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Special Offer! Fairmont Pacific Rim


YYZ Travel offers you three nights’ accommodation in a Harbour View room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim with Classic Vacations. This contemporary hotel is equipped with a rooftop pool, three eclectic dining options and a stunning art collection featuring local artists.

Plus, you will enjoy breakfast for two daily exclusively when they book with you! Fairmont Pacific Rim, luxury, naturally inspired, sophisticated and contemporary featuring the best of the Pacific Rim in its plan, décor, and culinary offerings. Stylish rooms and unique suites integrate naturally inspired materials and state-of-the-art technology. This Vancouver hotel is sure to impress with captivating views of the water and mountains.

What’s Included:
  • Breakfast for two daily
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Three eclectic dining options
  • Rooftop pool with private cabanas
  • Signature Harbour View room
  • 3 Nights from $540 per person

Valid for Travel now Through 30 Apr 2017
For More Information,
Contact our Travel Advisors:1.877.999.4768

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas

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When travelers dream of the perfect stretch of powdery sand, lapped by seas in sublime shades of blue, they’re probably dreaming of the Bahamas. Encompassing 700 islands and more than 2,000 small cays sprinkled across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this tropical paradise lies only 80 kilometers from Florida at its closest point. Once a haven for pirates and Loyalists, the islands are now a playground for the rich and famous and anyone who enjoys world-class fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. Nassau, Bahamas

1 Atlantis Paradise Island

In case you’ve chosen the Bahamas as an itinerary for your next trip, Atlantis, Paradise Island is an essential destination of your tour. It is one of the most famous resorts in the Bahamas. Being one of the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, Atlantic Paradise has Aquaventure water park, with the iconic Mayan Temple’s Leap of Faith slide; awe-inspiring outdoor sanctuaries, 11 beautiful crystal pools and portable spas; renowned amazing beaches; 18-hole golf course; the largest casino in the Caribbean; over 21 restaurants, 19 bars & lounges and Aura nightclub. There is also a possibility to book a large number of luxury and modern accommodations including the iconic Royal Towers and the stylish Cove Atlantis.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. The Atlantis Paradise Island resort, located in the Bahamas

2. Nassau

Nassau is the most popular cruise ship port in the West Caribbean. The number of tourists here still increasing every day. But the destination manages to charm visitors despite the crowds of foreign tourists and visitors all over the world. Thousands of guests come here to the Cable Beach to explore different shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants, destinations and museums, bright multi-colored colonial buildings of downtown and, of course, the famous Bay Street with the multiple souvenirs at the Nassau Straw Market. Take a short catamaran ride away from Nassau, spend a day on the Blue Lagoon Island, visit popular destinations of Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. NASSAU, BAHAMAS - March 9. 2016: The Atlantis Paradise Island resort, located in the Bahamas . The resort cost $800 million to bring to life the myth and legend of the lost city of Atlantis.

3. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The protected area in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas, the site sweeps from Shroud Cay in the north to Bell Cay in the south.
Founded in 1958, Exuma Park is one of 25 National Parks and Protected Areas set up by the Bahamas National Trust. The one and only, the Trust is considered to be non-profit, the non-governmental agency mandated with the management of a nationwide system of parks and protected areas. In 1986, The Bahamas National Trust organized an Exuma Park as a complete NO TAKE ZONE and marine protected area, the first in the wider. Caribbean.
The vegetation contains numerous mangrove communities, with the east sides being clad in low scrub and the western sides with taller scrub. There are also many epiphytic orchids and bromeliads.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. Turtle and coral

4. Eleuthera

If you’re not planning long travel, you should visit a very special and very recognizable Eleuthera, a tiny island in the Bahamas, lying 50 miles (80 km) east of Nassau. It will amaze you with its charming colonial style. Eleuthera Island is one of several within the archipelago surrounded by shallow seas, visible here as light blue. Mosaic patterns of sand waves built by sea drowned flows in the shallows are highly contrasted with the dark blue color of the ocean depths of a thousand feet in the Exuma Sound. Take a calm stroll along the flexuous streets of unbelievable colonial villages, visit unique pineapple plantations or come over to one of the main seafood restaurants scattered along the seaside.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. Eleuthera island landscape

5. Junkanoo

If you’re taking a tour to the Bahamas to escape winter frost, you should come to visit Junkanoo. Here on Boxing Day (December 26) a big celebration takes place.
Few months are spent on considering and preparing costumes for the special parades. After the preparation is over, the most interesting part begins: islands’ street dances commence. All the performance is usually estimated by the selected jury. At the end of the procession, which usually lasts from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., judges select the best dancers, best costumes and more. According to legend, Junkanoo derives from an African chief, “John Canoe,” who demanded the right to celebrate with his tribe even after being sold into slavery in the West Indies.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bahamas. Gospel Singers

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Day 1

Depart Canada

Day 2

Arrive Lisbon.Your tour guide and coach will pick you up from the airport and before checking into your hotel you will enjoy a scenic city tour of Lisbon. After checking into your hotel you will have free time to explore this afternoon and evening.

Day 3

Outskirts of Lisbon B,L

After a hot Buffet Breakfast your English speaking guide and coach will pick you up for a full day tour To start you will visit Evora, a working farm and estate, and taste-test their olives and oil. Then tour through their forest of cork oaks, learning how the bark is harvested. After lunch with you will enjoy wine tasting at the Herdade do Esporao estate. Afterwards your coach will return you to Lisbon for a free evening.

PORTUGAL FOOD & WINE TOUR: JULY 17 - 25 2017. Porto, Portugal

Day 4

Free Day in Lisbon Breakfast, Free Day

Day 5

Porto Via Nazare

After your hot Buffet Breakfast, your coach will transport you to Nazare a quaint old fishing town (about 1 hr 40 min driving time). There you will participate in a cooking lesson, including the preparation of a soup, a meat dish, a seafood dish and a dessert. Afterwards you will enjoy the fruitage of your labor. With full stomachs you will continue on to Porto (about 3 hours driving time). After checking into your hotel in Porto your evening is free to explore.

PORTUGAL FOOD & WINE TOUR: JULY 17 - 25 2017. Tasting of Port wine in Portugal

Day 6

Porto & Cruising the River Douro B

After Breakfast, you will have some free time in the morning, before your English speaking guide and coach takes you to board your riverboat for a trip down the Douro. On your Douro River cruise, you’ll sail through towering hills lined with terraced vineyards. You will also visit one of the wine lodges for a tasting.

Day 7

Free day in Porto B, D

After breakfast you are free to explore Porto on your own till late today when you will be taken to Sandeman Cellars where their guides will show you around the atmospheric, chilly cellars where Sandeman is produced, and you can taste the characteristic woody air of the bodega and feel the atmosphere of 200 years of noble wines. Afterwards you will enjoy a typical 3-course Portuguese dinner at a local restaurant.


Day 8

Departure home B

After Breakfast you will be transferred to the Porto airport for your departure home.

***Cost per person i: $2,190.77, double occupancy
***Single supplement : $239.00
Round trip airfare from Toronto
3 Star accommodations- please note that 3 star accommodations in Europe is much different from that in Cuba
All transfers and transportation is by private, luxury air-conditioned coach with driver/guide
Meet and Greet guide assistance
Sightseeing and admissions as per the itinerary
Local guides for tours as listed
Local taxes on accommodation and sightseeing tours
Meals as indicated on the itinerary ( B= breakfast; L=lunch; D= dinner)


Seat selection, luggage handling, personal items, meals unless listed in the itinerary, tips,gratuities, travel insurance- this is highly recommended and a quote will be given), and visa/passport handling fees.

****Deposit: $250.00 CDN for the land portion; nonrefundable- $100.00 is nonrefundable if cancellation is more than 71 days prior to departure; 71 to 46 days from departure- 75% of price; 45 days or less prior to departure- 100%
****$100.00 CDN for the flight( please note that the deposit on flights are none refundable).
****Taxes on airfare is subject to change based on the fuel cost
***cost of taxes on flight is included and may change depending on the cost of fuel.

Lisbon- full day excursion with an English speaking guide to Cascais- Sintra- Estoril. The cost is $20.00 per person, with a minimum of 10 passengers.
Porto- half day excursion with an English speaking guide to Penafiel; tour with wine and cheese tasting; also more wine tasting at Pao lo of Margar. The cost is $15.00 per person with a minimum of 10 passengers.

Please note this has been posted for a while. The price has changed for the better. DEPOSITS ARE DUE NOW!!! I can b reached at 905-660-7000 ex 482
***The cost of land portion for those who wish to use their Airmiles is $1249.00


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Experience the Best Winter Vacations with YYZ Travel

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YYZ Travel Group presents:

Exceptional experience of the best travel destinations, luxury collections, nature views, amazing islands and unforgettable cruises!

Do something special and memorable this winter!


Product Highlights:
  • 109 air-inclusive packages
  • 13 exciting new destinations
  • 85 remarkable new properties
  • 114 experiences
  • Unique opportunities
  • Enhanced package options



Experience the Best Winter Vacations with YYZ Travel

For more information,
Contact our Travel Advisors:1.877.999.47

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