Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø, Norway

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Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø, Norway

You can enjoy a magnificent view of  Northern Lights during the Hurtigruten Astronomy Voyage. A relaxing morning on board precedes your arrival in Tromsø, the Capital of Arctic Norway. Here a visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium is included especially for this tour.

Come to the Planetarium to explore how eruptions on the Sun provoke displays of the Northern Lights. Observe beautiful colored arcs or, magnificent colored rays and bands of auroral light sparkling in the calm sky.  All the beauty of Northern Lights is visible due to an innovative approach to astronomy of Planetarium.

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November 11 — November 13, 2016
Caribbean sailings beginning in December 2016 through mid-April 2017
(excluding all winter Holiday Sailings)


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Best Destinations to Ski and Snowboard

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Best Destinations to Ski and Snowboard. Skier in high mountains


Located 120 kilometers away from Vancouver as the complex is always one the best as it is constantly updated. Amusement park (fun park) and the professional route are always high-ranking, focused both on professionals and on fans.
Official website –

Les Arcs, France

You can get here by train from the Bourg St Maurice station. The most friendly town in the Alps, it is one of the favorite destinations of numerous tourists from all over the World. The funicular rises on the mountain each 20 minutes. For tourists, it is critical that funicular quickly delivers them to the destination. The definite advantage of the resort is world-class routes and of course amusement park (fun park).
Official website –

Best Destinations to Ski and Snowboard

Chamonix, France

From the first sight, Chamonix have some weak points comparing with other ski resorts. The ski lift is overcrowded in high season, and tourists have to wake up early to catch one. In spite of all the disadvantages, this ski resort is still number one destination for many tourists. It amazes everyone with its picturesque landscapes and charming panorama. Besides, Chamonix is an entertainment and party center. You can find here a lot of different bars and cafes.
Official website –

Mammoth Mountain, California, USA

It is located in 265 km from Reno airport. The best world sportsman gathers here and trains during all season. The absolute advantage of Mammoth Mountain is the season duration: from October to June.
Rent of equipment here is inexpensive, three amusement parks (fun park) — world-class routes and two perfectly equipped superpipes — for snowboarders.
Official website:

Best Destinations to Ski and Snowboard. MAMMOTH LAKES, CA - November 8 2015, Beautiful day at Mammoth M

Island Lake Lodge, Canada

The ski resort is situated in 300 km from international airport Calgary. This is the most popular North American mountain ski resort due to legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly. It costs 4000 Canadian dollars to spend a week here.
Official website:

Tignes/Val d’Isere, France

The resort is located in 70 kilometers from the Geneva airport. It is the center of all French snowboarders. It should be noted that in amusement park natural and wooden obstacles for snowboarders are created. The ski resort is made for both beginners and professionals .
Official website:

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Best Quiet Travel Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays

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Comparing with popular Thailand, Malaysia is quieter regarding traveling. If you’re looking for a peaceful beach holiday in Southeast Asia, Malaysian Islands would be a perfect option for you. For example, Pangkor Island, about a 3-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a small resort with all delights of the untouched nature, wild landscapes, and beaches. It is entirely free from tourist crowds, in an environment of fishing huts. Travelers are attracted by the best beaches of the western Malaysian coast, traditional life of the local population, steadily good weather and quiet rest.

Best Quiet Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays


Among all 115 islands of the Seychelles 30 are inhabited. And you can easily find the islands which are not overcrowded. It also means you will surely find a place exactly for you. Styled in different ways, Seychelles are one of the most popular destinations for quiet-loving tourists all over the World.

Seychelles are regarded as the place of beach quiet (lonely) rest mainly in the winter period. If you’re searching for a quiet lonely rest with incredibly beautiful tropical landscapes, you should choose Seychelles.

Best Quiet Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays. Beach at Praslin island, Seychelles


The archipelago represents a large-scale natural reserve.Only a modest part of it is a tourist zone. Travelers stroll along picturesque places, visiting charming small restaurants, and bars.
But if you’re searching for a quiet destination, choose the resort town of Puerto-Ayora. It is famous for the lovely beaches and entertaining activities these places perfectly will be suitable for family rest. The coastline of the island consists entirely of cozy gulfs, each of which is truly unique. They will become the real find for fans of lonely rest.

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Bring The Kids: Spain (13 Days Tour)

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A perfect family trip to Spain with a lot of fun, sightseeing and numerous activities. Bring all your family. Enjoy Spanish culture. A trip for the every family member, that you will remember for a long time. Being a perfect country to travel with children of any age, Spain is famous for it’s friendly and loving attitude to children.  You can be sure that they will be received perfectly in every Spanish city.

Bring The Kids: Spain (13 Days Tour)



Westin PalaceNone

Arrival Madrid.

Highlights of your day:  view Velazquez and Goya at the exciting and world-renowned Prado Museum; imagine the lifestyles of imperial Spain’s royalty at the Royal Palace.



Westin PalaceBreakfast

This afternoon, we will arrange for tickets to a professional futbol (soccer) game.

In the evening, stroll the darkening streets of Madrid with our culinary expert.  Taste as many varieties of tapas.



Westin PalaceBreakfast

Highlights of your day:  view rare medieval garments and textiles at the sacristy of Tolédo’s gothic cathedral; ponder the mysterious El Greco masterpiece, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.



Alfonso XIIIBreakfast

Enjoy your high-speed train ride to Sevilla.

We will recommend some of our favorite places to eat in Sevilla, tailored to your family’s tastes.



Alfonso XIIIBreakfast

Highlights of your day:  shop in the Barrio del Santa Cruz, formerly the Jewish Quarter and now one of the most fashionable places to shop in Spain; climb to the top of the cathedral bell tower, for an unparalleled view. We’ll make arrangements for a private flamenco viewing tonight



Alfonso XIIIBreakfast

We will arrange for a once-in-a-lifetime visit to a private estate owned by a well-known marqués. This titled gentleman is famous for raising bulls, considered among the finest in Spain. Witness a capea, a testing of baby bulls, in the estate’s small bullring.



Palacio de los PatosBreakfast

On your way to Granada, stop in Córdoba.

Highlights of your day:  shop for local crafts, including beautiful leatherwork and exquisite pottery; discover the secret star of the massive Grand Mosque.



Palacio de los PatosNone

Head to the Alpujarras mountain range for a guided family hike. Las Alpujarras is a dramatic mountain range with deeply sheltered valleys and gorges sloping toward the Mediterranean.



Palacio de los PatosBreakfast

Highlights of your day:  many people find the majestic Alhambra and its surrounding gardens one of the most thrilling parts of a visit to Spain.  



Marbella Club Hotel – Golf Resort & SpaBreakfast

Enjoy your ride to Marbella.

Tonight we will tell you our favorite place to enjoy cocktails on the beach.



Marbella Club Hotel – Golf Resort & SpaBreakfast

We recommend exploring the amenities at the Marbella Club, and of course, relaxing on the beach.  It may also be a good day for a spa treatment.



Marbella Club Hotel – Golf Resort & SpaBreakfast

Enjoy a round of golf today at one of the many renowned golf courses in this area of Spain.






For more information,
Contact YYZ Trip Advisor 1-877-999-4768

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10 Tips For Making Best Photos in a Trip

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1. Prepare yourself

Make a preliminary research to find the most extraordinary locations. If you need something unique and captivating, imagine your picture in advance.

2. Learn to catch a moment

Even the most beautiful places in the World could seem boring on a photo. In reverse, the most imperceptible locations could look gorgeous if you succeed to catch a right moment.

10 Tips For Making Best Photos in a Trip. Photographer

3. Take a lot of pictures

It’s always easier to delete the wrong ones. Among the most spontaneous shots you can find the “brilliant” ones. You just have to try.

4. Emphasis is significant

If you take a picture of a person, emphasize that person. Sometimes it’s easy to abstract from a person you taking a picture of because of the beautiful view in the background. But anyway, be careful and try not to cut off the top of someone’s head.

5. Notice everything

Even the most insignificant things could become the great idea for a captivating picture. So, try to look at some little things and notice them. That would make your photo really unique.

6. Look at the photo of others for an inspiration

Sometimes the inspiration can leave you. In that case, you can take an idea of someone’s pictures and make something similar.

10 Tips For Making Best Photos in a Trip. Photographer girl making pictures by old camera on mountain top

7. Take your camera with you everywhere

You never know when, where and why you will need your camera. In every trip, you explore an entirely new World every single day. Don’t make you regret the camera absence. And be prepared to take as many shots as possible.

8. Think before shooting

Take a quick look at surroundings, then think about the composition that you want to make. Sometimes the consciousness of a photo makes it more attractive.

9. Use your sense of humor

It is important to show different emotions of your trip. If you’ve found something funny, show it to everybody.

10. Don’t do the usual shots

People are tired of cliches and same pictures. Try to add some unexpected ideas in the tedious amount of millions of equal pictures.

10 Tips For Making Best Photos in a Trip. Man photographing sunset on the top of mountain

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7 Reasons To Start Travelling Right Now

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7 Reasons To Start Travelling Right Now. Concept of family trip by the car

1.Travelling is always fun

You never feel so fascinated and excited as in a trip. Visiting new countries and exploring foreign cultures gives you a lot of new feelings and fresh ideas. And it’s always a lot of fun!

2. You can learn foreign languages

Not only learn but also practice if you already have a good level of foreign language. Besides, this knowledge can help you in your career.

3. You are not getting younger

Yes, we are getting older every day. The earlier you star planning your trip – the more experience you gain!

7 Reasons To Start Travelling Right Now

4. Nobody knows what happens tomorrow

Travel while you have an opportunity. No one knows what will happen in a year or two. If you have enough money, desire and ability – ut’s better to start right now!

5. New people

In everyday routine we see the same faces, visit the same places and do the same things every day.  How not to get bored of all that? The right answer is to travel!

6.  New cuisine

Of course, you can try Japanese or Chinese cuisine in a restaurant  just round the corner of your house. But haven’t you thought about having a meal in a local restaurant or even try home-made foreign cuisine? If yes, it’s time to pack your luggage and go traveling!

7. Good memories

Travelling is definitely good for your well-being. And, of course, it gives you a lot of great memories. Who knows, may be one single trip can change all your life?


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7 Tips For Planning Family Trips

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7 Tips For Planning Family Trips

  1. Check your flights’ luggage weight allowances, which will change with every airline you use. Pack for the flight with the most restrictions—baggage fees can quickly add up with multiple family members. Check
    with hotels to see if they provide items such as playpens,  to  avoid schlepping them.
  2. A necessary extravagance: your kids’ one must-have snack. Costa Rica may not stock that rabbit-shaped, cinnamon golden yum-yum treat.
  3. It’s easy to get excited and overdo it. Pace your trip with enough downtime for the family member who tires easiest.
  4. Also, kids lose patience in lines: Visit museums at off-peak times to avoid crowds.
  5. What’s the goal of the trip? Ask each family member for the top three things they want to see or do, and make sure to include at least one of everybody’s picks.
  6. Get some family-friendly restaurant recommendations from your advisor. Especially for fine-dining restaurants, make an early reservation for faster service, and on arrival let restaurant staff know about how long they have until the kids get antsy. They’ll work to get your family in and out within that window.
  7. Prep kids for the vacation by reading books or watching movies and videos about the destination to build pre-travel excitement—but keep some aspect of the trip a secret to enhance the wow factor!
  8. A good rule of thumb for long flights: Bring a different activity for every hour to keep toddlers entertained. For overnight flights, change kids into their pj’s and bring a favorite stuffed animal,  so they feel as much at home as possible.


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Bergen city. Norway

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One of the greatest cultural cities in Norway, the trading center and the second largest city in Norway. It’s all about Bergen. While having a tour across vibrant streets of the city, you’ll plunge info the unique atmosphere of Bergen and the times when it was political and trade center of Norway. Bergen is a very popular city for tourists because of its beautiful nature, atmospheric surroundings, and gorgeous views. Bergen is a former capital of the Kingdom of Norway before the capital was moved to Oslo in 1299. At that time Bergen was a large city, the largest in Scandinavia.

Bergen city. Norway

Bergen is a city with a big history, but it is also very modern. It is the home of the Bergen International Festival, Nattjazz and Bergenfest festivals.Often called as an  “ideal combination of culture and nature” by numerous travel guides, it has a wide range of museums, the oldest symphony orchestras in the World and country’s first national theater. It also hosts a lot of international concerts.

To visit Bergen
book a Hurtigruten Astronomy Voyage

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Best luxury cruises for your trip from Canada

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Among all the Cruise lines we’ve chosen the most popular and well-liked and decided to share it with you.  See what have selected and why.

Silversea Cruises

Best luxury cruises for your trip from Canada

Promoted as a leader in luxury cruising, having over 800 destinations all over the World, Silversea Cruises was founded in 1994 by Lefebvre family. With its headquarters in Monaco, the company operates ten ships in the ultra-luxury category from 100 to 540 guests having itineraries around all seven continents of the Planet. Six-stars cruise line, Silversea provide service called “Personalized Voyages”, the one and only.

Tourists have an opportunity to select embarkation and disembarkation ports, which allows them to feel independent in their voyage. There is a rule of five nights essential stay on shipboard, but days of cruise beginning and ending are completely flexible. Having all-inclusive cruise fare, Silversea will meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Best luxury cruises for your trip from Canada. Seaborn

With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Seabourn Cruise Line provides luxury cruise services all around the World and operates six cruise ships. The Seaborn Cruise is famous for its high-quality service onboard. Its fleet consists of all-suite ships, carrying between 450 and 600 guests each. Nowadays Seaburn is one of the most popular cruise lines due to its high-standard hospitality and a wide range of the most diverse services (fitness center, SPA, gym, yoga and pilates classes and even low-calorie menus). Today the company belongs to Carnival Corporation.

PONANT Cultural Cruises & Expeditions

Best luxury cruises for your trip from Canada. Ponant

The passengers of PONANT can discover various destinations on a board of five French-flagged ships. On board of luxurious yachts you will be attended by attentive French crew, have a chance to try one of the best gastronomies on board set sail in a five-star environment and experience a high-standard service. Accommodating a maximum of 264 passengers, ships of this cruise line the legendary ports of call and small harbors accessible only to small ships. Wide range of offered five-star cruises with culture and relaxation programs.



SeaDream Yacht Club

Best luxury cruises for your trip from Canada. Seadream

Seadream Yacht Club  is a private cruise line founded in 2002 by two business partners, Larry Pimenteland and Atle Brynestad. It was founded in 2002 by Larry Pimentel, an American, and his business partner Atle Brynestad, the Norwegian founder of Seabourn Cruise Line. With its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, today SeaDream is a family owned company. It provides a casual yachting experience with high-quality service. From May through October, the yachts operate the Mediterranean Sea. From November through April we visit the Caribbean. Among diverse services SeaDream yacht guests can enjoy SPA treatment, relaxing at the pool and even Golf Simulator.

If want to see multiple destinations, meet friendly people, try various onboard activities and feel a luxury high-level service, you should definitely try to cruise and experience unbelievable adventure.

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