Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road

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What products to take with you while traveling on the road so that your travel will be not only informative, but also tasty and healthy?

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road. Fitness food. Weight loss nutrition diet. Take away of healthy food. Eat right concept, diet, clean food take away in aluminium boxes, vegetable salads and meat at white wood. Healthy lunch

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Food on the road has to be convenient: when we say that we mean that it should be convenient to eat, convenient to transport and, of course, convenient to store. Therefore, first of all, we will define the main qualities of road products.

Products shouldn’t be bulky and too heavy.

Otherwise, while on a road you will be connected not with pleasant impressions of a travel, but with the cares that nothing from products has fallen anywhere and has soiled something of your stuff.

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road. Restaurant food delivery in foil box. Poached egg with runny yolk closeup on veil steak medium rare with fresh vegetable salad and couscous cushion. Dish take away closeup, healthy meal.

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Food shouldn’t be perishable

Perfect meal on the road has to be of such quality that it would be possible to store it long time without refrigerator. Food shouldn’t thaw in the sun. Plus, it has to be simple in cooking, with no additional preparation required. Try to prepare everything in advance.

Principle of two “no”

“No” – to pungent smells, “no” – to garbage. You shouldn’t stock up to the road with food with strong smells even if you like them a lot. Approximately in two hours all smells will start irritating you. Besides, you shouldn’t also forget about fellow travelers.

Food that leaves a lot of crumbs and additional packing, is not the most successful option while traveling on the road, especially if you travel by car.

It seems that there is no food which would meet all these requirements. But this is not like this. Almost all products can be taken on the road, all you need to need to know is how they should be preparing to take on the road.

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road. Lunch box with vegetable and fruits on wooden table. Kids take away food box. Top view

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Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables is an ideal option not only for a main course to the road, but also for having a snack. The cut carrots, apples, sweet pepper straws are very useful and serve as a perfect alternative to all snacks in the form of chips, sunflower seeds and crackers. It is better not to take fruit entirely because they very heavy – it’s better to cut them up and take with you as an afternoon snack. It diversifies your road diet.

It is better to cut various vegetable and salads and put them into tight containers. To make a road crude vegetables lunch tastier, prepare some simple sauces which will be very convenient for taking with you in small plastic sauce boats. Vegetables are good not only in the form of salads – vegetable fritters and zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and potatoes cutlets are perfect when even not warmed.

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road. Rye bread sandwiches with ham, cheese and vegetables in a craft paper bag. Take away food. Selective focus

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Sandwiches are, perhaps, the most popular meals on the road. It is possible to prepare them using vegetables, or meat, fish and , of course, cheeses. Sauces, seasonings, any greens –you can add anything according to your imagination. It is better to use brown bread, with bran – it less high-calorie also not so strongly differs in taste from white, than, say, rye.

For those who are who categorically against high-calorie bread, we recommend thin flat cakes (for example, a lavash) which you can use for wrapping stuffing. Beaters by the way very convenient – they are not less nourishing, than the same sandwiches, but they are much more commode in consumption.

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Getting sick is even worse if you’re away from the comforts of home. We asked Virtuoso experts for their tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.



  1. “My pre-travel routine is all about boosting my immune system. A few days before my trip, I drink fresh juices to boost my intake of vitamins, ginger, Echinacea, and more. – Charles Wolfe, Virtuoso travel advisor
  2. “Check the CDC traveler’s website for destination specific guidance, recommended vaccines, and health notices.” – Jason Detar, Virtuoso travel advisor
  3. “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We all know to drink lots of water in flight, but I also make a point of swinging by a corner store – or even an airport newsstand – once I arrive at my destination to buy a couple bottles of water for my hotel room.” – Marika Cain, managing editor, Virtuoso Life
  4. “I always throw a handful of Emergen-C packets in my carry-on when packing. I down the first one with water on the plane, then I aim to take at least one a day while I’m on the road. I’m convinced the vitamin C boost helps strengthen my immune system, plus, the packets are easy to travel with. My other pro tip: Wash your hands all the time. It’s obvious, I know, but it’s important!” – Amy Cassell, associate editor, Virtuoso Life. Note: Similar supplements on the market include Airborne, Wellness Formula, EBOOST, and Wellness Fizz.
  5. “I’m a big believer in probiotics – good bacteria that help your digestive system. I start taking the supplements a week before traveling abroad, and I continue to take them throughout the trip. They are also found in some yogurts, so I try to include that in my daily breakfast.” – Melanie Fowler, design director, Virtuoso
  6. “Never touch the seat backs on an airplane, and whatever you do, DON’T put anything in the seat back pockets. Studies have repeatedly shown this is the dirtiest place on an airplane where sick bags are left, diapers, you name it. It is not a good place for your iPad, book, or anything you come in close contact with.” Shelby Donley, Virtuoso travel agency owner. Note: Combat germs with travel-size packs of disinfecting wipes in your carry-on bag.
  7. “Water quality varies across the globe. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your destination’s tap water conditions. Research the water situation before you go, and if you don’t, make sure to ask about it when you arrive.” – Elisabeth Brown, VP of sales, Virtuoso travel agency
  8. “At the end of the day, sleep is crucial to your body fighting off viruses and bacteria. When your body gets run down, it’s far more susceptible to attack. Have a sleep plan when traveling in different time zones.” Shelby Donley
  9. “I always try to eat a vegetable soup or grilled vegetables on the day I arrive. After plane food, it seems to work to keep me healthy.” – Annie Fitzsimmons, digital editor, Virtuoso
  10. “Try to limit your alcohol intake. Happy hour at a new bar in Paris may sound fine until you wake up with a head-splitting hangover the next day. Plus, excessive drinking impedes your immune system’s ability to keep you up and running.” – Rebecca Ratterman, assistant editor, Virtuoso
  11. “Get outside as much as possible and breath in fresh air, not air-conditioning! Vitamin D does wonders for the body.” – Traci Miller, account manager, Virtuoso marketing
  12. “Work out, wherever you are. I try to climb to the highest point in a city on the first or second day. It’s great exercise, gives you the best view of a city, and helps you get over jet lag. When I was in Florence a few weeks ago, I climbed more than 400 steps to the top of the bell tower next to the Duomo.” Annie Fitzsimmons, digital editor, Virtuoso
  13. “When you vacation, try to truly unplug from the stresses of your job (that is why you work – to be able to enjoy life). I believe excessive stress will make anyone sick.” Traci Miller, account manager, Virtuoso marketing
Photo by: Georgeijevic/Getty Images

If you do end up getting sick while traveling, here are some pointers from John Gobbels, the VP & COO of MedjetAssist, which offers travel protection plans for medical emergencies around the world.

Pack Your Own Over-The-Counter Medications.

Some countries just don’t have the same medications we have available to us without a prescription from a local doctor. I usually plan for the basics: allergies, cold and cough, and the unfortunate traveler’s diarrhea.

Ask the Concierge.

We receive calls almost daily from members traveling abroad looking for hospital or physician recommendations. Our first response is always, “Have you asked the concierge?” This is in no way an attempt to shirk our duty, but the concierge usually has a direct line to preferred physicians and facilities, including some who will make “hotel calls.”

Buy Travel Insurance.

Purchase travel insurance that specifically covers direct medical costs while traveling outside your home country. Most domestic health insurance plans do not cover these costs.

Sign Up Before You Travel.

If you are diagnosed and admitted to a medical facility, call Medjet so we can begin the process of obtaining an initial medical assessment with your treating physician and start making arrangements to get you back to your home hospital, doctors, family, and friends. This peace of mind is priceless for our members.


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A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. San Francisco skyline

Photo: depositphotos.com

Today, a walk around San Francisco’s Hayes Valley is bound to lead to a sidewalk café, a hidden coffee shop, or a buzzing new pop-up restaurant. The neighborhood is beloved by discerning city dwellers who come here to shop and sup, while visitors who make it to Hayes often look like they’ve just stumbled in on a secret.

In the phoenix that is Hayes Valley, atmospheric hangouts and hip boutiques rose from the ashes of the destructive 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The quake damaged a 40-foot-tall section of the Central Freeway above Hayes Valley, which, at the time, skewed far more seedy than trendy. After the bridge languished amid a city-planning tug-of-war, it was torn down in 2003, freeing up space for redevelopment and paving the way for one of SF’s most beguiling neighborhoods, a centrally located stretch north of the Mission District and west of SoMa that just keeps getting better. Visitors can’t walk a block without encountering a “Now Open” sign beckoning them into a new space.

“Hayes has a small-town feel in the middle of the city,” says Charles Bililies, the restaurateur behind Souvla, a chic, Hayes Valley Greek space with a cult following. “When I was planning Souvla, I looked at many neighborhoods [before choosing Hayes]; I even moved here nine months before Souvla opened in 2014.”

A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco.
Cocktails on Hayes Street.

Here’s where to start your exploration of Hayes Valley:

Where to Eat and Drink

For about a six-block stretch, Hayes Valley is a bastion of global culinary ambition, where restaurants (much like residents) live in historic homes and new condo developments clustered on or around Hayes Street, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. Dining out is a globe-spinning exercise: Go Greek at Souvla, get your schnitzel fix at the Bavarian Suppenküche, dive into Italian comfort food at recently opened a Mano, dabble with French fare at slick Monsieur Benjamin, or stay local with elevated California prix fixe at Nightbird.

A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. souvla hayes valley
Souvla in Hayes Valley.

A couple of blocks east at Cala, a modern restaurant in a former sound studio with skylights, a fiddle-leaf fig tree, and a wall of kangaroo vines, chef Gabriela Cámara brings the flavors that helped her grow a following in Mexico City to a vast seafood-focused menu. After dinner, trip it to the tropics with a stop at Smuggler’s Cove, a tiki bar tucked behind a nondescript door, where bartenders whip up rum-centric concoctions such as the Millionaire Cocktail (No. 1) – rum, sloe gin, lime, house-made grenadine, and apricot liqueur. If umbrella drinks aren’t your thing, there’s Biergarten, where picnic tables let locals flirt with collective alfresco-drinking fantasies, but the staff doling out blankets acknowledges the reality of San Francisco’s frequent fog and chill.

A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. smuggler's cove hayes valley
Smuggler’s Cove in Hayes Valley.

Where To Shop 

Fiercely protective of its village vibe, Hayes Valley has developed a shopping district that’s practically free of chain stores. Instead, a welcoming array of shops bring a strong eye for style and appealing offerings to the neighborhood. While the selection is wide ranging – from sake boutique True Sake to the Mexican folk-art talismans of Polanco – clothing, home decor, shoes, and sweets are the mainstays here.

Begin your spree at vintage-focused Ver Unica, one of the original Hayes Valley stores, where you’ll likely run into owner Cindy Spade, a muse with Joni Mitchell cheekbones and effortlessly inspiring personal style. Impossibly hip Acrimony stocks cool-girl and -guy pieces, while Welcome Stranger is solely dedicated to the sharp-dressed man. The contemporary design collective Minimal and artisan-focused Maker & Moss are like candy stores for designophiles, but when it’s time to satisfy a literal sweet tooth, head to Miette for cupcakes, cookies, and tarts; and Chantal Guillon for macarons.

A Perfect Fall Weekend In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. maker moss hayes valley
Maker & Moss in Hayes Valley.

See & Do 

San Francisco possesses plenty of landmarks (hello, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz), but mostly due to its size, Hayes trades monuments for cozy public spaces. At Patricia’s Green park, created after the freeway was torn down, locals commandeer tables for meetups and chess matches, dogs carouse on the lovely lawn, and street fairs and public art make frequent appearances. Adjacent is Proxy, an ever-evolving open-air space that throws alfresco movie nights and block parties, and hosts coffee, ice cream, and beer pop-ups. Just around the corner is the sophisticated SFJazz Center, where, at sleek new restaurant B-Side, charred chive blossoms, hominy posole, and piquant cocktails play like crowd-pleasing openers to the night’s jazz-heavyweight headliner.

For larger-scale sightseeing, head to the neighboring Civic Center, home to the War Memorial Opera House (where the city’s opera and ballet companies split stage time), the San Francisco Symphony, and Herbst Theatre. A 15-minute stroll west leads to Alamo Square Park, bordered on the east by the Painted Ladies (aka Postcard Row), seven pastel-hued sister houses made famous by the opening credits of Full House, now one of the city’s most photographed scenes. Instagram-op scored, return to Hayes Valley to soak in the village scene – a glass of rosé in hand.

Advisor Tip

“Before dinner, grab a glass of wine at Hotel Biron, a secret wine bar tucked away on a dark alley off Market Street – trust me!” – Courtney Regan, Virtuoso advisor, San Francisco

Where To Sleep

Ever since it survived the city’s 1906 earthquake, the Fairmont San Francisco on Nob Hill has been a classic SF institution, with its marble-wrapped lobby and 592 sumptuous guest rooms. Don’t miss a visit to the Tonga Room – the 72-year-old holdover from the tropical-tinged days of Hawaii-mania is one of the country’s original tiki bars, complete with dangerous drinks, pupu platters, and waiters in festive shirts.

The Palace Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel houses one of the city’s most breathtaking spaces, The Garden Court dining room and atrium, where Saturday afternoon tea is a San Francisco rite of passage. Beyond the restaurant, 556 revamped rooms feature 11-foot ceilings and marble baths, and swimmers can log laps beneath a glass dome in the indoor pool.

Downtown’s Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco, a quick walk from Union Square, feels more like an urban residence than a big-city hotel, with 277 modern rooms, coastal fare at MKT Restaurant – Bar, and complimentary guest access to the adjacent Equinox Sports Club.


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Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

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Do you want to visit Brazil, but it’s difficult for you to decide the best to time to do so?

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro Skyline

Rio de Janeiro Skyline. Photo: depositphotos.com

Well, the most popular period for going to Brazil is December through March.

This is the season when Brazilians have summer vacation, and it’s the timeframe of the most popular Carnival in the world – which takes place just before Lent, sometime between early February and the middle of March.

Prices during this period are significantly higher, and there are not always enough rooms in the hotels.

So if you are interested in visiting Rio de Janeiro for the festivities, it is highly recommended to reserve accommodations several months before traveling.

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro. Aerial view of Rio De Janeiro. Corcovado

Rio De Janeiro. Corcovado. Photo:depositphotos.com

Rio de Janeiro is quite hot from December to March, so the off-seasons from April to June and from August to November could be ideal times for your trip. It can also be rather cool in July.

The Amazon Rainforest has high humidity year round, and the average temperature there is about 27 degrees; however, it can go up to about 35 degrees.

The period from December to March is a little rainier than the rest of the year; however, as a rule, the weather becomes warmer when it’s raining – but not for more than an hour.

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Photo: depositphotos.com

The Pantanal (wetlands): the best time to tour is from June to August when the water level is lower and lagoons are more accessible.

Northeast beaches, including Resif and El Salvador, are terrific places to go as they are sunny and warm throughout the year.

April through October is also a good timeframe for visiting Rio de Janeiro. The advantage of going here, or any place in Brazil, during this period is that the temperatures are not very high and the number of tourists is low, so you can enjoy a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere in the city.

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro. Photo: depositphotos.com

Capital: Brasilia

Currency: Brazilian Real BRL

Population: 207,350,000 people (2017 estimate).

Brazil is a country of tremendous beauty. The dazzling beaches and boundless rainforests display only part of the magnificence that millions of tourists expect to find here.

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Photo: depositphotos.com

Brazil is an extremely rich territory with over 2000 beaches and more than 1000 islands off its Atlantic coast.

The culture of Brazil has been formed over hundreds of years by people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. That diverse heritage is expressed in the art and architecture of historical cities, as well as the holidays and the richness of Brazilian cuisine.

Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Carnival

Photo: depositphotos.com

The brightest celebrations of Brazil, especially the ones that take place in Rio de Janeiro, are well known around the world for their scope, chic, and fun.

The most exciting cultural events are, of course, the famous Brazilian Carnival and New Year’s. Many guests dream of being part of these tremendous events!

In 2018, the dates of Carnival in Rio are February 10-13. Be prepared to book flights and hotels well in advance, as people make reservations six months ahead of this renowned happening.


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Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London

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What could be more charming than having afternoon tea in the heart of England?

Just imagine you are sitting in a small café looking out the window onto a busy street in London.

Outside it is mild, a little obscure and foggy; the London weather makes your afternoon even more pleasant. You sense the aroma of a traditional English bakery as you observe the people sitting at nearby tables. Isn’t that a lovely vision?

Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London

Photo: depositphotos.com

Five o’clock tea is a quaint, long-lasting English custom. It all started during the days of Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who was a lifetime friend of Queen Victoria. Before then, the English were in the habit of eating only two meals a day, having breakfast early in the morning and taking the second meal late in the evening.

Weary of late afternoon hunger and inactivity, Anna initiated an innovation that has become one of the oldest and most esteemed culinary traditions in Europe.

YYZ Travel Advisors have made a list of five cafes in London that should not be overlooked, where you can choose from a wide variety of teas, delicious baked goods, and scrumptious deserts.

Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London

Photo: depositphotos.com


A wonderfully flavored traditional English tea has been served here for more than 100 years. Tea and  gastronomy experts give this place their highest evaluation – plain but tasty food and flawless service.

At 5 o’clock they serve a special set menu with Darjeeling tea, a glass of wine, and a savory snack of lobster and eggs. We suggest you don’t miss the chance to try the delightful pastries that are also available there.

It is no wonder that in days past a frequent visitor to The Goring might have spotted Catherine Middleton – just before she became Duchess of Cambridge.

Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London



Traditional yet very stylish and up-to-date, this café is a must-visit place for every guest coming to London.

Claridge’s is popular for having not just one but two tea ceremonies – in the morning and in the afternoon – featuring a big tea card, live music (with melodies from the 1920s), and a  fashionable menu of salmon and fennel sandwiches, four types of freshly baked rolls, plus a selection of amazing desserts.  

Afterward, a walk in Hyde Park is strongly recommended.

Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London

Photo: depositphotos.com


 The Thames Foyer was always a place where you could show yourself off and observe others strutting their stuff. The after-dinner teas are highly popular in London and have become a prime reason to visit the Savoy Hotel.

In the evening, savor the sandwich menu of eggs, cheeses, salmon and mango, as well as fresh pastries with strawberries and cream, éclairs, and macaroons.

In addition, you can enjoy a glass of Champaign while listening to wonderful piano playing.

Best Places for 5 O’clock Afternoon Tea in London



This café is acclaimed by many visitors for its delicious deserts as well as the excellent bakery and cocktail menus. Here you can mingle with a variety of visitors from fashionable socialites to lovers of tradition.

We recommend that you try The Earl’s Tea, Chamomile Flute, and Queen’s Tipple — a mix of green tea, cucumbers and roses. You should definitely try this terrific combination.

The Queen would certainly say, “Yes!”


This is an amazing option for those who take tea ceremonies seriously.

Here everything is done in the best traditions: a tea sommelier serves you the most popular types of tea in the country, and the Michelin-starred hotel chef composes numerous variations of individual offerings.

All activities are held in the luxury restaurant Apsleys, and the ceremony itself has earned every award possible.

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Visit a living fairytale: Cappadocia

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Cappadocia is an extraordinary destination – an unimaginably surreal landscape shaped by the forces of nature and human history. Take it all in from a sunrise hot air balloon tour before exploring Göreme Open Air Museum. Rejuvenate with a soak at a traditional hammam. Watch the sun set over an exquisite meal at Lil’a, then retire to an opulent suite at a one-of-a-kind luxury cave hotel. 

Visit a living fairytale: Cappadocia


  • Explore the rock-cut Byzantine monasteries and Christian churches of the Göreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Soar over vast valleys, volcanic peaks, and fairy chimneys in a hot air balloon.
  • Enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from atop Uçhisar Castle.
  • Admire the well-preserved frescoes at Elmalı Kilise, a 12th-century church.
  • Visit an underground city, carved into the soft rock thousands of years ago.
  • Stay at a luxury cave hotel, nestled under the cliffs of Uçhisar Castle.
  • Take a moonlight horseback ride across the dramatic landscape.
  • Soak in the therapeutic Ziga thermal springs.
  • Discover the hidden backcountry trails by foot or mountain bike.
  • Savor exquisite regional cuisine at Lil’a Restaurant (at the Museum Hotel).

Visit a living fairytale: Cappadocia

Fares, schedules, Virtuoso exclusive amenities, events and benefits are subject to availability and blackout dates and may change without notice. Unless otherwise stated, prices are in U.S. dollars, per person and based on double occupancy. Restrictions may apply. See your Virtuoso travel advisor for more details and applicable restrictions. Virtuoso is not responsible for any errors in pricing.

The trademarks VIRTUOSO, the Globe Swirl Logo and SPECIALISTS IN THE ART OF TRAVEL are registered trademarks of Virtuoso, Ltd. Virtuoso, Ltd. has a U.S. copyright registration for the Globe Swirl Logo, ©2000. All rights reserved. California CST# 2069091; TA# 808 – Registered Iowa Travel Agency; Washington UBI # 601 554 183. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. 367093 US/CAN 08/17. YYZ Travel Group, TICO:#04332359. 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4.

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Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

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Every couple wants to make their honeymoon as awesome as possible – a stupendous, unforgettable experience. It can be difficult, however, to make all the arrangements necessary to have such a great trip.

Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

Photo: depositphotos.com

Experienced YYZ Travel Agents have made a list of things to avoid when planning your perfect getaway:

Don’t leave everything to the last moment

You should book your trip at least six months in advance. It is also important to reserve the most popular hotels and resorts, and to plan excursions to top sights and attractions.

Not knowing exactly what you want

A common mistake that a lot of couples make is that they don’t approach the decision with exact ideas of what they really want to get from their honeymoon.

The ideal plan for a perfect wedding includes a honeymoon destination and activities that will absolutely suit the bride and groom. It should be a joint effort to come up with a holiday that will be comfortable and enjoyable for both newlyweds.

Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

Photo: depositphotos.com

Copying someone else’s honeymoon

If you hear about the wonderful honeymoon your friends had in Europe or the incredible time someone spent at a Caribbean destination – it doesn’t mean that you would also enjoy such a vacation.

It is totally normal for different couples to like different activities. So, before using someone else’s idea of a perfect honeymoon, remember that for you it might not be so awesome. The best way is to consult a travel agent who will advise you on the best destinations and activities – and then make all the arrangements.

Relying on the Internet

Google can give you some good ideas, but don’t rely too heavily on Internet sources because they often have outdated information, or they don’t tell you about certain “hidden gems” at a location.

Sometimes the information is incomplete or even wrong; you never know if the source is exactly reliable or not. So again, the best idea is to consult a travel advisor who knows everything about your honeymoon destination.

Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

Photo: depositphotos.com

Not seeking professional advice

The ideal honeymoon is a perfectly romantic holiday with no problems and nothing but happiness. Any travel agent will tell you that planning a honeymoon is not as easy as it might seem. Isn’t it better to hire a professional who will guarantee that your trip is the best possible, rather than spend the same amount doing everything yourself?

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How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico

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How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico

Photo: depositphotos.com

It has been a few months since the famous Latin American song “Despacito” (“Little by Little, Softly”) was released, and in that time it has garnered more than three billion views on YouTube! Despite being published in January, the song can rightly be considered an anthem for summer 2017.

Thanks to the great performing artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Puerto Rico has become a top destination for millions of tourists, and its popularity continues to grow.

Today we are going to make suggestions for splendid holidays you can have in Puerto Rico by following the lyrics of the song:

How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico. Despacito Puerto Rico

“Vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico” (“Let’s do it on a beach in Puerto Rico”)

What’s the main reason people come to this stunning island for vacation? Beaches – of course! The sparkling white-sand coastline, exquisite scenery, palm groves, and terrific undersea life exemplify Puerto Rico’s undeniable reputation as a great place to visit.

If you are looking for a high-class beach holiday, you should definitely come here! But let’s be more specific: What are the acclaimed tourist getaways and “playas” that Luis Fonsi sings about in his hit?

  • Flamenco Beach (Location: Culebra Island – known for gorgeous diving sites, shallow coastal waters, and sparkling white sand)
  • Playa Sucia (Location: Cabo Rojo – one of the most popular sites for Puerto Ricans; seems to be undiscovered so far by tourists)
  • Sun Bay Beach (Location: Vieques Island, a large coastline with palm trees and sparkling sands)
  • Ocean Park Beach (Location: San Juan – relaxing, rather secluded, and extremely romantic)
  • Isla Verde Beach (one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico; here you can enjoy numerous hotels and beach activities)
  • Playa Tortuga (Location: near Culebrita Island; accessible only by boat)
  • Barrero Beach (Located on Rincon, Puerto Rico’s west coast – a most romantic getaway)
  • Isla Palomonitos (a real heaven on earth; Location: Puerto Rico’s east coast)
How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico

Photo: depositphotos.com

“Tengo que bailar contigo hoy”  (“I have to dance with you today”)

For those who love dancing, the islands of Puerto Rico offer a range of local dances you can try to better explore the culture and get a feel for Latin rhythm. Join a variety of street and night clubs or take part in dance festival activities during your vacation; you will never regret giving the experience a go!

A famous and truly exalted popular dance in Puerto Rico, MERENGUE, is so well known that its rhythm is widely used in modern songs of famous Latin artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, J Balvin, and Enrique Iglesias. Merengue was first composed in the Dominican Republic; in Puerto Rico it has two variations:  classic and figure merengue, which differ by steps and style of dance.

How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico. Salsa

Photo: depositphotos.com

Another popular dance is PLENA, which is dancing in pairs, but originally partners danced separately. Some variations of plena dancing are accompanied by drum beats.

BOMBA is an active, vivid, and very Puerto Rican dance. Developed at the end of the 19th century, it was initially used to commemorate baptisms and was mainly celebrated by West African slaves. The dance consists of fast steps, quick moves, and a very seductive rhythm.

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Mykonos – a True Greek Paradise

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Mykonos is a Greek island with luxury resorts and a festive indulgent atmosphere – which is why it is often compared to such top party spots as Ibiza and Saint Tropez.

The island is a paradise for tourists, romantic couples. and solo travelers. Besides regular parties and events with internationally known DJ’s, Mykonos has a lot of other opportunities to offer travelers.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise. Mykonos

Photo: depositphotos.com

The flow of tourists here increases every year, and the number of hotels, luxury resorts, seaside bars, nightclubs and tourist activities are likewise mushrooming.

Mykonos is famous for its kite- and wind-surfing centers. If you like active vacations – visit one of the popular surf clubs and enjoy a ride: Windsurf Center Mykonos in Kalafati Beach or Kite Mykonos at Korfos Beach.

You can also take a cruise around the islands of Mykonos on a traditional tour boat or yacht: this is a superb opportunity to explore the area from the sea and enjoy romantic views of the Greek shoreline. Such activity is perfect for romantic couples and tourist groups.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise

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Mykonos is also a fantastic venue to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Marine life of the island is unbelievably beautiful, and the vibrant colors of the undersea world will amaze you. Snorkeling is available on Tragonissi or Dragonissi, islets located near the coast of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea – which are popular among those who are fond of underwater photography, diving, and marine life in general.

Mykonos is greate place for travel

The area surrounding the islets is protected by the Natura 2000 project because of the seals living in the coastal waters. Romantic, inspirational, and awesome –  Mykonos is a place where you can get away from everything, forget about daily routines, and enjoy a Mediterranean holiday.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise

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Don’t forget about local cuisine, which is more than acceptable – it is a must-try experience that should be on your list of most important pursuits. Try Mykonian spinach pie (Spanakopita), a traditional Greek dish popular around the world, loved by locals and visitors alike.

If you would like to savor other gastronomic favorites of the local cuisine – try cheese tyrovolia, noumboulo (smoked pork fillet), delicious sausages, typical Mykonos meze, and famous mostra. Remember that the culture and traditions of the island are well perceived through its gastronomy; sampling various restaurant dishes and home cooking will help you  to know more about the Island itself.

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The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe

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There is a famous quote: “The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.” We totally agree with this statement by Bridget Willoughby.

It is always more pleasant and fun to travel with your pet, to explore new countries and continents together; however, it is not always possible. In cases when you don’t take a pet with you on a trip, or if you don’t have any pets but really love animals, you can go to special pet cafes.

Here is a list of the cutest ones:

Harry Hedgehog Cafe

Tokyo, Japan

The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe. Harry Hedgehog & Bunny Cafe

Photo: harinezumi-cafe.com/english/

Tokyo is one of the most pet friendly capitals in the world. Here, in the heart of Japanese culture, the level of cuteness is extremely high; this is one of the main features of Japan.

You can see a lot of animal cafes in Tokyo, as they are really popular here. Relatively small but very pleasant, Harry Hedgehog Cafe is located in the hip Roppongi neighborhood. You can take pictures of the adorable animals and even pose with them. But don’t forget to make reservations in advance as the place is extremely popular among city guests and tourists.  

Thank Nature Cafe

Seoul, South Korea

The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe

Photo; www.facebook.com/TNcafe/

This café is cute and delightful. It seems completely normal when you look at it from the street, so visitors may get quite a surprise upon entering. Here, in the capital of South Korea, you can have a meal while surrounded by sheep!

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience made possible through “Thank Nature Cafe” in Seoul. Don’t worry – the sheep are calm and amiable; plus, they are used to people and very agreeable with kids.

Meow Parlour

New York City, USA

The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe

Photo: meowparlour.com

Nowadays, cats are not just the most popular animals on the Internet. Here in the so-called second capital of the USA, there are a lot of pet-friendly cafes. Most of them have cats on-site, which makes the ambiance of these places so cozy and homelike that you’ll want to come back again and again.

What is interesting: Meow Parlour not only offers food for people, but it also has plenty of different snacks for cats. Moreover, if you come with your children during certain hours, you can enjoy special programs for kids.

Crumbs & Whiskers

Los Angeles, USA

The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe

Photo: crumbsandwhiskers.com

Here is another friendly cafe in the United States which is well-known for being the first cat cafe in the City of Angels. They serve a lot of brightly decorated desserts and drinks, but most importantly, a percentage of the purchase price of every dish you order is donated to cats in need.

What is interesting: those cats live on the premises of the café, so you help the exact kitties you are holding and playing with. Isn’t that super cute?!

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