Sardinia – Dream Island

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, located to the west of Italy and surrounded by more than 1800km of impeccable coastline. It is favored as a holiday destination by Europeans and other nationalities due to its charming scenery, unforgettable beauty, and brilliant ambiance.

Sardinia has been named one of the most beautiful islands in the world by many top magazines and popular website resources. The reason is simple – Sardinia has some of the most incredible beaches in Italy and all Europe. Many Canadians choose this beloved itinerary for their summer holidays. The popularity of this European destination is explainable: here you can enjoy a beach vacation with crystal clear azure waters, pristine coastline, unbelievable nature and the beautiful European charm of a historical getaway island.

Beach of Cala Coticcio in Caprera island, Sardinia, Italy.

YYZ Travel Advisors know just how hard it can be to choose the right beach holiday destination, as there are so many of them in the world! Descriptions would be pretty much the same: verdant nature, warm humid climate, exceptional coastline, blue waters and sparkling white sands.

So, speaking about Sardinia, we will mention the most EVIDENT reasons to book your flight from Canada to the Mediterranean.

  • Locals here are relaxed and easy-going. The mentality on the island is different from what one would experience on the mainland. Busy European capitals have nothing in common with the pleasant relaxing ambiance you will feel as soon as your plane lands on Sardinian terrritory. Residents of hectic metropolitan areas can enjoy perfect rest in the calm atmosphere of this paradise.
  • Sardinia is a foodie heaven – a real Shangri-la for anyone who loves seafood, cheese dishes, roasted meat and all kinds of fish. Due to the rich flora of the region, Sardinia is also a perfect destination for vegetarians and vegans. Of course, one of the most exciting dishes here is Sardinian handmade pasta. No doubt your trip to Sardinia should include a plan for main dishes that you don’t want to miss trying:

Malloreddus pasta (made from semolina and saffron)

Spaghittus cun cancioffa e bottariga (Spaghetti made with dried fish eggs of tuna and artichokes)

Maialetto (roasted piglet)

Panadas (oven baked pieces of meat)

Lorighittas (Sardinian pasta served with tomatoes and sausage)

And don’t forget that all these Italian entrees  go well with local Sardinian wines like refreshing white Vermentino di Gallura, elegant white Semidano, intensive red Cagnulari, white chamomile flavored Malvasia di Bosa and, of course, the best Sardinian wine, red Cannonau.

·         Sardinian people have their own language; a so-called mix of Italian and Spanish, this language is a heavenly melody for the ears of foreigners. Even if you speak Italian fluently, it will be hard to understand this language. But how beautiful it is! Moreover, you have a chance to learn something new.

·         Sardinia is a perfect chance to combine two different types of travel: beach recreation and visiting historical sites. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see its famous “Nuraghes”, ancient constructions of the Bronze era made from giant stones. The exceptional beauty of this attraction is worth a separate visit to this Italian island. However, the trip is far more interesting when mixed with beach vacations.


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