Trip to Iceland

Having been for a long time a subject to discuss, the names of Iceland and Greenland remains an open question. A name paradox, while Greenland has more ice and snow than Iceland, Iceland is greener and livelier than Greenland.

Anyway, the beautiful land of Iceland, partly covered with ice, is bustled with magma hidden under the land surface. The hot essence suppressed under Eurasian and North American tectonic plates produces big amount of heat and energy all over the country. The controversy of hot and cold make this country extremely attractive for tourists from all the parts of the World.


While visiting Iceland, you should definitely see a Geyser eruption. Being not only the land considerably blanketed with geysers, Iceland is also a motherland to Geysir, the first found geyser. which all geysers were named after.

What could be more beautiful and intimidating at the same time than Geothermal Field, covered with mud pots, fumaroles and hot springs! The view of firstborn underneath energy makes your heart soars and thrills with excitement. “The hills are alive», they used to say of this land.


The must-do activity is natural “hot pot” bathing. Blue Lagoon Geothermal small pools in the middle of nowhere are the greatest way to relax in the heated water while the snow is falling from the sky.

For the travelers looking for wilder escapades, I’d suggest swimming in the Hot River. But don’t forget to check the water temperature first.


And, finally, after all the experienced activities along your way, never forget to try a piece of Hverabraud, rye bread baked in a geothermal oven. One of the tastiest dishes I found in the country and, no doubt, is essential to taste for all the tourists.

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