Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

If you’re a vegan who loves to travel, you probably know how hard it can be sometimes to find a place with good vegan food. Though there are a lot of vegans all over the world, not every restaurant or cafe in foreign countries can satisfy your dietary needs. The good news is that there are a lot of vegan friendly cafes and restaurants around the world. For today’s list we will show you some of the most exciting ones.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

Raw Attitude Healthy Deli – Malaga, Spain

Try their incredible raw food, organic vegan breakfasts, and gluten free ice cream. The café offers a beautiful terrace and a lot of specialized vegan-friendly events, including cooking classes, a juice program, detox programs, and a nutritional coach.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

Future Food Cafe Restaurant Tubu Tubu – Tokyo, Japan

Named after a nickname for native grains, “Tubu” actually refers to small items, like seeds, beads, beans and balls. Promoted as a café that supports a healthy future and harmony with the universe, Tubu Tubu is new on the scene for vegans, made creatively by Japanese cooks, combining new exciting flavors based on native grains.

Pay special attention to amazing “Tubu-Tubu Miracle Sweets” that are made from plant foods and natural ingredients, and are free of refined sugar and dairy products.

Being full of energy, they will help you awaken your mind and body.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

Natural Efe Macrobiotic World – Phuket, Thailand

This place opens its doors to all kind of tourists, but it is especially attractive for vegans and lovers of healthy nutrition. Their amazingly tasty and organic healthy food is represented by such delights as tofu sandwiches, dried-fruits-and-quinoa salad and lentil soup. The café ambiance is excellent, as guests sit at wooden tables around an aqua pool in its cute back courtyard. The café also offers a wide range of freshly squeezed natural juices, healthy drinks and a great selection of teas.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

Sattgruen – Dusseldorf, Germany

Sattgruen is a well-known restaurant chain, with several vegan restaurants. They switched to being fully vegan in 2013. Here you can enjoy soy milk, almond milk, and hazelnut milk used for coffee. The food is served in two sizes: small and big plates. Here vegans can try an amazing wide selection of hot and cold foods, pasta, salads, vegan cakes and pastries. They also offer organic & fair traded coffee and tea.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Around the World

by CHLOE – New York, USA

The owner of this café, Chloe Coscarelli, is famous as a winner of the Food Network’s reality competition series “Cupcake Wars”. She is popular as the first vegan chef who won a competition on television. Her vegan café, “by CHLOE”, offers grab n’ go treats, cold-pressed juices and veggie burgers. You can also enjoy matcha kelp noodles in cashew cream sauce, brunch with quinoa hash browns and organic scrambled tofu, and dessert with vegan ice cream.

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