Travel trends in Spring 2017


Travel trends in Spring 2017. Photographer taking pictures of an African elephants, wild animal, safari game drive, Eco travel and tourism, Kruger national park, South Africa

Photographer taking pictures of an African elephants, wild animal, safari game drive, Eco travel and tourism, Kruger national park, South Africa

Eco-travel is gaining more popularity these days. Whether you are a fan of wildlife, support the green movement or just feel responsible for the future of the planet, ecotourism might be the right choice for you.

All types of ecotourism and “green” travel are trendy right now and are becoming more popular: responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism or culturally aware traveling. The modern tourist is becoming more responsible and gaining more awareness of the environmental problems that humanity has to face nowadays. But the fact remains that all the travel opportunities that come under the umbrella of eco-travel are highly popular right now.  

Ecotourism is also a popular choice for many celebrities, politicians and top world businessmen.

If you have chosen this type of travel for your next holiday, be prepared for vegetarian food, getaway destinations, digital detox activities and unfamiliar activities: all healthy and environmentally friendly, but sometimes unfamiliar for those who are used to more traditional travel activities. In terms of destination, you can choose from a wide range of perfect trips, as nowadays eco-travel is accessible almost all over the world.

Family-owned properties

Travel trends in Spring 2017

Travel trends in 2017 include the promise of finding places that are more exclusive, exceptional and new. If a few years ago everyone was crazy about luxury hotels and high-end resorts, nowadays the concept is changing in favor of having a more authentic experience. Family-owned properties are becoming more popular due to the possibility of making deeper, local connections.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you want to plunge into a different culture and more fully understand the place you are visiting.  Travelers who desire to keep up with the times and modern trends will certainly like the idea of staying in a family-owned property. Coinciding with the ecotourism trend, its most popular destinations are connected with the idea of exploring nature and eco-friendly destinations while staying in family-owned properties.

Sailing adventures

Travel trends in Spring 2017. Yacht, sailing regatta.

Yacht, sailing regatta

Yachting and sailing have always been popular among travelers all over the world. However, this spring season is going to be the most popular in terms of sailing adventures. The average tourist is usually trying to find some new experiences. In this case a perfect choice would be sailing, yachting or cruising with the top cruising companies, which you can experience with YYZ Travel. From luxury cruise ships and the best entertainment onboard the largest ships, you can experience private sailing and yachting with maximum comfort and the ability to sail in narrow bays and hideaways

Polar travel

Travel trends in Spring 2017

According to J.Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group’s third annual ‘Future 100’ Report, polar travel is one of the main target destinations for explorers in spring 2017.

“As the planet warms, more travellers are visiting the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth: the polar regions,” she says. “Crystal Serenity became the first large-scale cruise liner to traverse the Northwest Passage from Alaska to the Atlantic Ocean in September 2016. And in the remote Norwegian territory of Svalbard, revenue from tourism is outstripping revenue from coal mining, previously the region’s mainstay. As summer ice in the Arctic reaches historic lows, more ships are expected to join. Tourists hope to see the region before climate change alters it forever, even as environmental groups warn that large-scale tourism could spell disaster for the fragile Arctic.”

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