Two different ways to explore Nantes. Which will you choose?

Usual way to explore Nantes

Nantes is the 6th largest city in France and an important area in the northwest section of the country. It is located in the Loire-Atlantique department of the Pays-de-la-Loire region.

A lively and active university city, Nantes is a pleasant town (Time magazine voted it the most livable town in France.): a visit is highly recommended if you are in the region.

Two different ways to explore Nantes. Which will you choose?

Rings on embankment of river Loire in Nantes, France.

A visitor who comes to this incredible city should visit the top destinations of Nantes:
  • Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne
  • Cathedral of Saint-Peter 
  • Jardin des Plantes
  • The Fine Art Museum
  • La Coulée du cerf (Parc animalier )
  • Nantes Cathedral
  • Tour Bretagne
  • Jules Verne Museum
  • French destroyer Maillé-Brézé
  • Château de Goulaine
  • Natural History Museum of Nantes
  • Théâtre Graslin

This list of prime destinations in the French city could be augmented by less popular but no less important ones. However, it is up to you whether to visit all the main sites or to view only those  most interesting.

Two different ways to explore Nantes. Which will you choose?

Breton castle. Nantes. France.

When you feel hungry, use the following list of the most famous and, undoubtedly, classic French restaurants that have must-visit reputations among tourists. Here is a list of popular cafes and restaurants that are closest to the main city attractions:

  • La Cigale is a famous brasserie in Nantes, France, situated on the same city square as the Théâtre Graslin. There is a good reason why it has been considered a historic monument since 1964.
  • L’entrecote Nantes – A chain of restaurants with European cuisine, famous for its exceptional service and black and yellow design.
  • Villa Cesar – Italian restaurant located in heart of the French city. Here you can enjoy an attractive mix of two European cultures. Ville Cesar is notable not only for cuisine, but also its interior design, service and ambiance. A must-see place for true fashionistas.
  • Hippopotamus – famous food and restaurant chain is represented here in France. Traditional French cuisine is mixed with American favorite steaks and grills which have become extremely popular in France. Try to visit this café in Nantes as the ambiance is cozier and more homelike than in Paris or other large cities.

Those dreaming about French charm but in a more extreme, bolder and honest way, are welcome to the second part of our article.

Unexpected Nantes

If you would like to be an untypical traveler – to explore the clubby streets of Nantes, feel the city’s inner energy and plunge into its exquisite  atmosphere more than the an average tourist – welcome to the second part of the article. It could be a paradise for visual media lovers.

It all started when the city’s young mayor decided to implement his unusual idea to invest in art. The result: the city has become edgy  – even exotic for an ordinary European – for it’s crazy artworks. It’s not the museums you visit during the average city tour. It’s all about street art, contemporary style, and unexpected decisions of unique designers.  Plant them outdoors where everybody has to stare at them and get used to the idea of Contemporary Art.

Two different ways to explore Nantes. Which will you choose?

Now, Nantes is a melting pot of diverse arts and a hot spot of European design in street architecture. Considered to be the most “bizarre” French city for its incredible and sometimes highly unexpected art decisions, this true notion of public art is a smart investment for a place that promotes itself as France’s most “bizarre” city.

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