Virtuoso CEO: ‘Meteoric’ Rise of Canada for Luxury Travel

Canada is rising fast on a global stage as a popular luxury travel destination. The most recent note of approval comes from one of the biggest luxury travel networks, Virtuoso. Matthew Upchurch, a Virtuoso CEO estimated that Canada has been on its “meteoric” rise in popularity among all the source markets, not only US, but Australia, Latin America, New Zealand, and also Europe.

 Virtuoso CEO: 'Meteoric' Rise of Canada for Luxury Travel. Vancouver, Canada.

The incredible mix of beautiful nature and wild sceneries with amazing culture and modern cities make Canada one of the favorite destination of luxury tourists all over the world. Tourists from different counties are charmed with Canadians, their friendliness, and hospitable traditions. Canadians care about the environment and considered to be one of the most optimistic nations in the world.

They really like having guests and tourists coming to their country as much as they love to travel themselves. Canada is well known for one of the best travel services all over the world, with a large number of strong tour agencies and highly professional travel advisors.

One of those top luxury agencies is a Virtuoso travel agency based in Toronto, YYZ Travel Group

With thousands of loyal clients and long-term successful professional history, YYZ Travel throws no doubt in its high-level service and the best travel agents. With the rising popularity of traveling, nowadays tourist tend to have more trust to their travel advisors that to arrange a trip themselves when it comes to a perfect holiday. The reason is simple: when the prices actually stay the same, the quality of the trip is rising significantly when booking with a travel advisor. The trend encompasses not only group and business travelers, big families and so-called “silver” tourists, but also young explorers that never used travel agencies’ services before. This tendency shows not only the exceptional quality of travel advisors’ work but also a trust of people to travel professionals and their knowledge.

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