What is Virtuoso?

Why work with a Virtuoso Affiliated Agency?

If someone told you how to have the best possible travel experiences, that you’d have everything exactly the way you like it, and that you’d actually save money, would it get your attention?

As a Virtuoso affiliated agency, our job is to make the most of our clients’ free time. Just as you entrust a doctor with your health, an interior designer with your style, or a broker with your finances, you can expect more

For travelers who depend on experts to reduce complexity and ensure smart choices, Virtuoso travel advisors design customized travel experiences using the resources and relationships available exclusively through network membership. For example:

For Cruisers:
We offer complimentary benefits when you cruise with Virtuoso, including: escorted pre- and post-cruise trips, shore excursions, land packages and special social events on more than 450 departures per year with luxury cruise lines.
For Air Travelers:
When you travel internationally, you benefit from our insider access to special fares that you won’t find on the Internet.
For Country- and Experience-Collectors:
We maintain relationships with the world’s leading travel and adventure companies.
For Independent Sorts:
You want to travel your way, and we’re experts at making independent arrangements. Our custom vacation options are endless. Tell us what personal touches you would like to add, and we’ll fine-tune your vacation to make it your own.


Award-Winning Journalism

Our flagship publication, “Virtuoso Life, the traveler’s guide to inspired pursuits”, has won several prestigious awards for journalism, photography, and illustration. The most recent awards include 2009 Gold Eddie FOLIO Award for “Best Consumer Travel Magazine and Best Travel and In-Transit Consumer Publication, WPA Maggie Awards 2009.