When is the best time to visit Mexico?

Mexico offers foreign tourists and residents great opportunities to enjoy beautiful golden beaches stretching for miles, silky sands, warm climate, unique culture, and various events that take place there.

When is the best time to visit Mexico? An aerial view of Mexico City and the Palace of Fine Arts

An aerial view of Mexico City and the Palace of Fine Arts

Mexico is a large country, and the weather varies by season and region. There are two principal climate seasons: rainy and dry. Although temperatures may vary over the year, the most significant contrast is between the rainy and dry seasons. Summer, from June to October, is the rainy season in Mexico, but the weather can fluctuate wildly from place to place.

If you prefer temperate climates, visit Mexico in the autumn and winter months or go to places in Mexico’s highlands (principally, colonial cities and inland nature areas). During the summer months, try to stay away from the low-lying coasts, as they are extremely hot and humid.

When is the best time to visit Mexico? Agua Azul Waterfall, Yucatan, Mexico

Agua Azul Waterfall, Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico is rich with tropical forests, dry deserts, beautiful valleys and mountains. Since Mexico’s landscape is exceedingly varied, so is the weather. On the coast, the climate is typically gentle year-round, with some rainy months, while Mexico City usually has quite chilly weather. Along the shores, September to mid-October is hurricane season. During hurricane season (generally June to November) the weather is mostly wet, with rough seas and lots of mosquitoes.

“There are  two main travel seasons in Mexico”

With two main weather seasons, there are also two main travel seasons in Mexico. High season lasts from December 20 (In some places is starts from mid-November), continues over New Years, and runs through Easter week (Semana Santa). Low season starts the day after Easter and continues to mid-December. During the low season, prices may be down by 50%.

When is the best time to visit Mexico? Acapulco Bay.

Acapulco Bay.

In the most famous beach destinations, Veracruz and Acapulco, prices return to high season during July and August, the most popular summer vacation period. Prices in inland cities seldom have a significant difference from high to low season, but may rise sharply during the weeks of Easter and Christmas.

Taxco and Pátzcuaro raise prices during their famous Easter-week celebrations. Along the Caribbean coast, many hotels divide the year into five or six rate periods; high season starts earlier than in the rest of the country and includes the month of August, when many European visitors and Mexican families arrive.

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