Why Portugal Is My favourite Holiday Destination

Portugal is the country where you can discover a remarkably diverse attraction. Portugal stretches across the Atlantic Ocean coastline for 800 kilometers. The capital city of Portugal is Lisbon. It is located near the River Tagus. Portugal is Europe’s oldest nation. Influenced by the diverse cultures of Africa, America, and Asia, Portugal is a melting pot of different cultural heritage. This country is very friendly, welcoming and positive.

Why Portugal Is My favourite Holiday Destination. Church in Porto

It’s impossible to stay indifferent to stone-built villages, captivating towns, and modern cities with the rich history of ancient palaces and castles, historical museums and monasteries.
It’s impossible not to love Portugal. And most of all I like the optimism of Portuguese! Even if it rains – on Sunday on the central square of Lyrica people sing and dance all day long! Here, on the southwest of Europe, you can experience so many exciting emotions. Portugal is a welcoming country not only for tourists, but it is also a host of multiple festivals, sport and music events, big concerts and all kind of performances.

Why Portugal Is My favourite Holiday Destination. Algarve rock - coast in Portugal

The people like to have a rest together in the Lisbon city, especially during noisy holidays. Every weekend has the subject of rest: sport, dances, symphonic music, a holiday of firefighters, gastronomy … and so all the year round.
I love Portuguese for their easy-going mood, emotionality, tolerance and amiability.
Yes, someone will tell that they not obligatory, noisy …But they know how to have fun and be positive!
To be more precise, I made a list of the facts why I do love Portugal so much.

1. Warm climate

Though it rains for three months in winter, in the others nine the weather is just magnificent. Magnolias blossom two times in a year, tangerines, the kiwi and a persimmon grow everywhere. There is no such heat in the summer, and in the shadow, it’s always cool. The high essay of iodine in air favorably influences a thyroid gland, and visit of the ocean — calm nervous system.

2. Beautiful landscapes

In a middle part of coastal Portugal from Porto to Lisbon and further to the South landscapes are quieter than in the north of the country. But they are not less beautiful. I enjoyed little and hospitable resort towns, absolutely deserted and very calm: the accidental traveler has some feeling of irreality. Lisbon, Kash Kash, and Sintra seem to be the center of a civilization compering with these quiet spots. Further in the south, after San Vicente’s cape with its tremendous types on the boundless ocean, the number of foreigners rises to the maximum level, so that Portuguese stay in minority.

Why Portugal Is My favourite Holiday Destination. Porto, Portugal

3. Excellent beaches and islands

The country is washed by the sea almost from all sides. Therefore, there are a lot of beautiful must-visit beaches. In Albufeira, Algarve and Portimao you can enjoy snow-white sand and fancy red rocks. In Alentezhu there are lonely places with picturesque bays. But personally I like a rest on the islands the most. Azorubine Islands has a volcanic origin. This place has a true romantic atmosphere. Here blue lakes are emphasized by the black stiffened lava. On Madeira Islands you can experience a true tropical paradise with a lot of greens, fruit and orchids.

4. Magnificent service

Service in the country is at the highest level. And it is not only about service at restaurants and hotels. In Portugal everything it made for the tourist and guests of the city. In many cities special helping tourists’ services are open.

5. Active recreation

In Portugal it is possible to be engaged in any kind of active recreation. Even to sweep on skis in Serre da Estrela’s mountains. Multiple hotels offer practically all possible types of mass sport: golf, tennis, soccer, aerobics. Fans of exotics will be able to test the strength in mountaineering and equestrian sport.

6. Water sports

On the coast of Portugal, it is possible not only to surfboard, but also to experience kitesurfing, yachting and swimming with the professional instructors.

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