The World’s Most Incredible and Surprising Islands: Part 2.

Some islands are special thanks to their biodiversity — their flora and fauna are exceptional and can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Other islands are unique for the sites that they contain. Others are famous for their stories, or the customs and traditions of the local population. Check out this list of the most exciting islands in the world (part 2).

Islas Flotantes (floating islands)

The World’s Most Incredible and Surprising Islands: Part 2. Totora reed floating islands Uros, lake Titicaca, near Puno, Peru.

Totora reed floating islands Uros, lake Titicaca, near Puno, Peru

The incredible Islas Flotantes (floating islands) in South America are Lake Titicaca’s main tourist attraction. Although their popularity has led to massive over-commercialization, there is still nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world. The biggest island has several buildings, including a school, post office and an overabundance of souvenir shops.

The locals of the islands are called Uros. There are about 2000 of them on the islands. The Islas Flotantes are protected within the Bay of Puno. For many years locals were separated and isolated from the world, which has influenced their life and traditions. Always a small tribe, the Uros now are one of the most famous populations in the world due to their unique floating home.

Their main activities are fishing and weaving and, as these islands have become extremely popular among tourists, now they are also involved in this activity. They also hunt birds such as seagulls, ducks and flamingos.

Easter Island

The World’s Most Incredible and Surprising Islands: Part 2. South America. Easter Island. Mountains. Statues.

Easter Island, a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, is one of the most incredible and popular islands in the world. It is extremely famous for its monumental statues, called moai. It’s creators, the Rapa Nui people, speak both the traditional Rapa Nui language and the first and main language of the island, Spanish.  

The main reason why tourists keep coming to this island are the 887  monumental statues. They are considered to be mysterious, as no one knows exactly how these large statues were made by the people who lived here without modern instruments and technology to create and transport the statues. The biggest one, called Paro, was about 10 metres (33 ft) high and weighed 82 tons. The statues represent human figures and were named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.  However, the island has a lot more to offer for its tourists, including gorgeous beaches, rocky caves, beautiful volcanoes, archeology sites, and the main town of Easter Island, Hanga Roa.

Raja Ampat

The World’s Most Incredible and Surprising Islands: Part 2. View over Pianemo. Fam, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

View over Pianemo. Fam, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat, meaning Four Kings, is an island in the heart of the Coral Triangle. It has the highest marine diversity in the world (data from Conservation International); 75% of the world’s coral species have been recorded here, along with 1,430 species of reef fish and six of the world’s seven marine turtle species.

Raja Ampat is known as one of the world’s last wild places. This tropical island has the most amazing fauna and flora in the world. Its marine nature is amazing and will astonish you with its diversity. An environmental paradise for numerous fish species that are threatened with extinction elsewhere on the planet, Raja Ampat is the ideal holiday destination to enjoy a tropical hideaway. Here you can experience an unforgettable cultural vacation at a reasonable price. Note that the local economy along with the traditional owners of Raja Ampat are intensifying their efforts to preserve their environment and cultural heritage and traditions.

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