Special Occasions

We customize each trip with extra perks and act as your advocate every step of the way



Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, lush vineyards, and breathtaking scenic views – can all be yours for your special day when you consult with one of our professional destination wedding and honeymoon specialists.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Ever dreamed of having your Bar or Bat Mitzvah on Masada, at the Western Wall or on an African Safari? This dream can become a reality when you consult with one of our expert bar/bat Mitzvah specialists.



Let us help you celebrate your special milestone in  splendid style with a destination celebration. Whether it be a birthday or an anniversary, there are so many beautiful places we can choose from to celebrate your special day.



Having a Bachelorette party or a family reunion, or a holiday with your friends? Spin the globe, pick a place and we will begin planning your dream celebration tailored to your needs by one of our life celebrations specialists.

Special occasions deserve celebrating, whether a significant milestone or a personal achievement—all merit moment matching settings. From significant birthdays to special promotions, you deserve to celebrate in style; and what could be more indulgent than sharing fun and unique travel experiences with people close to you? Travel has a way of bringing loved ones together. More and more, people are choosing to celebrate their special occasions far from home, in an exotic location.

Think Unusual! Think Outstanding! Think Memorable!


We love planning a celebration! No detail is too small or too big…. it’s our mission that you have an outstanding time and come home with unforgettable memories! Whether you travel solo, as a couple, or planning a group, from the very beginning we work toward your idyllic celebration goal. We research, design, and recommend your own personal travel—best time of year, style of travel, desirable accommodation, and recommended tours. We look after every booking detail, with perks and added value, for you and your party to have the time of their lives.


We also bring to you our relationship with top-notch global destination partners, specializing in “special” on a worldwide scale, with exclusive savings and value-added vacation packages. Here are just a few journeys that we think are truly exceptional:


  • Tie the knot to the sound of natural surf on a secluded beach, designed with tropical weddings in mind.
  • Or say “I do” in a seventeenth-century chapel in the Grenadines Island of Canouan, home to an Anglican church relocated from England and rebuilt stone by stone.
  • Honeymoon on a pair of Indonesian islands with a ten-day trip to Bali and remoter Sumba Island, including flower-strewn beds and couples’ massages.
  • Share family fun in Hawaii picking your pool from an aquatic array – ride a lazy river, shower in a waterfall, plunge down a 150-foot waterslide, or enjoy the hush of the adult pool.
  • Visit faraway destinations on a luxury cruise line or island-hop like a local in Greece.
  • Share a solo trip with a small group of like-minded adventurers – bicycle, walk or sail in countries worldwide.
  • Take a romantic couple’s getaway, cruise on a small luxury sailing ship that offers private spaces, quiet corners to relax and offers unique cultural experiences visiting secluded, intimate harbours off the beaten path.

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